Make a cheap 150W Boost CC Converter to fit with my needs? TR-J20 100W Flooder


I need a driver for a 100W LED - driven by 3 KingKong 26650 cells.
So -> In: 12.6V - Out 3.5A ~34V
Build-Thread: My 2 beefy (75W+) projects (Lots of pics, not finished)

I have one of these laying around here: Page Not Found - and was thinking about using it with my flashlight.

I would change the CC Multiturn Poti with a singleturn and make it reachable from outside. The two TO220 parts will be glued onto a cooling-area and the two capacitors will be changed with good ones and layed down or fitted somewhere with short wires.

I will measure the CC Poti (Original 10K Ohm) for the Ohm when giving out 3.3 Amps and buy that one (If the Resistance is, lets say, 6KOhm - Can I just use a 5K Poti + 1K resistor in Series?).

So - does this work or am I missing something?


Edit: I knew I saw something like this:—5c3Egv4E
Can I make it like he does (just with the Current-Poti) up from Minute 4 ?