Does anyone have any opinion on this store?

First of all, Aloha and welcome Atlas! :)

And no I haven't heard of but those Suterfire lights look cool. They also look a lot like SolarForce lights.

Didn't here it before ,although there have only little flashlight ,some really nice

Thanks for the welcome. They do have some good prices and some interesting items, although they have some items that seem fishy. They list some lights as being a certain model number, but they show a picture of another model number. Here is an example. It says model Ultrafire LG102, but the pictures shows a Ultrafire wf-602c. A google search shows no sign of an Ultrafire LG102. Could be a knockoff, could be an error, could be a scam, could be a lot of things. Seems to be a new Far East website popping up daily lately. I ordered some solder paste just to see how they do, before ordering more stuff.

nice finding, thankyou

imma get some soldering paste too

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Nice find Atlas, thanks a lot! And a big welcome to MolaMola, thanks for joining!

Well, Manafont supposedly offers an Ultrafire C3 with an R2 emitter, which I sort of doubt. They also appear to sell the same SmallSun 1x/2x AA light that Don bought and liked in this thread.

Thank you

can i ask you the different between R2 and non R2?

Basically, the higher the letter is in the alphabet, it will produce more light with the same amount of power, so better efficiency. The cheapest Cree lights use a "P" bin, the moderately good quality ones use a "Q" bin, and they're just starting to put "R" bins in some cheap 1xAA budget lights. But we have some LED experts here, and I'm not one of them. Maybe they could chime in?

This will tell you more than you ever wanted to know about the XR-E Cree LEDs. What we mean by the letter with a number after it is the brightness bin that the LEDs are sorted into after manufacture, some are brighter than others. The test conditions are somewhat unrealistic as they are done at a junction (the actual bit that emits light) temperature of 25 centigrade. they get less efficient with heat. Typically in a small light the junction temperature is likely to be 75 or more centigrade.

The R2 bin is the brightest available in the XR-E LEDs, there has been word of an R3 bin but nobody seems to be selling any.

Cree seem to be moving to the XP range of LEDs with the XP-G R5 being the brightest and most efficient currently available. Info here.

Aloha and welcome MolaMola!

If i take that pic and cut the emitter section out it does seem like an R2 since its a lot squarish then a Q5. So the only way to know for sure is to buy one......Innocent

very informative, you guys are awesome thankyou

now i know what to look for.. when i get my next flash

Hmm, the 18650 prices are very nice too.

Now which of those (protected) 18650s were supposed to be the best again?

The blue Trustfire, the gray Trustfire, the blue Ultrafire or the gray Ultrafire?

I have quite a few of the grey Trustfires and have had no complaints. The current best ones are supposed to be these ones from DX. These are quite well regarded and of fairly genuine high capacity. CPF thread on them here.

Dang, I really like the looks of this one:

Couldn't find it anywhere else, and the price is very high. I just ordered a Skyline1 and that Lumapower MRV and I didn't want any more 1*18650-XRE lights.

Also, it's probably only 1-mode. And still I think I won't be able to hold back in the next few days, I think I've got a problem.

It looks to me like a grey Uniquefire HS-802 with a different tailcap. Hope it is better made than my HS-802. Well, it would be difficult for it to be much worse.

The tailcap looks nice.

Ordered a r5 emitter and the new version of the 504B body which i couldn't resist as it looks way too good compared to other p60 hosts. I found it a bit expensive but still worth 11,70.

To my surprise they confirmed it shipped in 16h from placing order.

That is pretty awesome. also i did get a mail for every step of the order. That was pretty decent too.

I'll do a review when the package arrives.