Manafont "Microtech Scarab" D/A OTF knife

I'm no expert in knives. I think I'll let pics do most of the talking. But for the anxious among us; no, it's not SRM quality. It's what you might expect when something that originally costs about 400$ sells for 33$. It's not bad, it's just unfinished and little rough.

This it how it came

And this is how it looks

Oh yeah, they sent me the wrong one. I ordered plain edge version. But I don't mind. This is not a sensible knife by definition and why not go overboard with silly blade too. In my opinion serration is the flashy modes of knives. Stupid, silly, useless, but for some reason manufacturers keep pushing them to us. When clicking the blade open there's the metallic click when it locks, followed by very loud springy "sprojojojojojojojojng". When locking open the knife (or mostly the spring inside that vibrates through the whole thing) vibrates for like 4 seconds. Maybe 2 secs when closing. The sections in the frame that are not smooth are very gritty skate tape kind of material which gives very good grip even with wet hands.

I really can't say anything constructive about the action. It works, it requires some force but not excessive. It's fast and secure. Was very dry but a drop of CLP took care of that. And one thing... this is the dullest out of the box knife I ever had. Standard SRM edge is out of this world compared to this one. It hardly did a scratch on my fingernail. Blade seems to respond well to sharpening, though. Just a basic kitchen knife sharpening stick made some difference. I will take this to a skilled sharpener friend of mine later and we'll see how it turns out.

Size compared to 16cm Enlan M014. This is one beefy knife. And it's heavy.

There is play to every direction but down when the blade is open. Back and forth is not that bad, but still very feelable. Side to side is much worse. I tried to take pics with me pressing the blade up and down. It maybe hard to see from these bad pics, but there is like a millimeter of play, and that's a lot.

The clear areas of the blade are not polished. This pic does not show it because of limitations on my stupid camera and reflection, but there are visible machining marks. Not too bad, but again, unfinished.

There's some gap and/or uneven tensioning of frame halves. Pic also shows strange mark in the switch housing.

Well... What to say about this knife? It's highly illegal here, so that's one good reason for me to buy one. It's like supposed it to be. Not SRM quality, not sub-standard either. Clicking it open and closed is fun. And in my opinion it's a beautiful object. It's not very useful, but then again I don't see it being any less useful than the 400$ original. It's not just very useful design. Don't get me wrong, it is good for opening letters or stabbing people I presume. But if one would be left in the woods with this knife it would end up with tears.

It works and it is pretty. If that's enough for you, go for it. If you want excellent quality and strict tolerances, get something else.

I can't wait to get mine I think they sent you mine by mistake. A local shop just started selling these for $85 the owner said to work them a bit with gun oil and they fully loosen up and open and close much quicker.

I had one and it is ok used it for a while till I lost it. The springs got weak and wounldnt open fully and lock after time.

I just ordered one of the plain blade Infidel Scarabs 3 days ago and am looking forward to it, especially the fixing it part. :bigsmile:

Thanks, HID45 for the review. This was one I was definately curious about, due to owning an original. Due to the nature of the design, all double action OTF automatics will have some blade play, as compared to a standard locker. The degree of this though is what differs... My Microtech has zero up and down, but just a hint of side to side play - as has every one I've played with.

What I'm most curious about though is what blade alloy was used...How well does it hold an edge? Also, I wonder if one were to tear down the knife and polish the insides and do a general clean up of any machining marks how well the action would be?

As long as the blade steel is decent, with a little bit of work it may turn out to be an excellent buy!

I don't have the right tool to take it apart. It has that kind of four-hole screws as the original. And about the steel... How it can be tested? By cutting stuff and estimating how well the edge holds? I have way too little experience on doing that. I will ask my friend about it when taking it to be sharpened. He knows more about blades than I do.

That goes on the birthday short list!

Im interested in this knife, ive always wanted the real deal. Are the scales plastic or metal? Does it open with authority or open like cheap 10 dollar auto knife? You mentioned it has awful blade play...big turn off!

There is no play whatsoever up and down, but side to side... Yup, it's got play. I tried magnet to the scales and it did not stick, so it's not metal. I was kind of surprised as it is quite heavy for an object its size. It's either aluminium or some kind of hard polymer stuff.

Im interested.

does anyone know the name of the screw head or the tool to use to remove it.

maybe thats why microtechs cost so much, it comes with the tool?

I believe the housing on this knife is aluminum. Most OTF knives I’ve seen, at least the less expensive ones, have an aluminum chassis.

Nope. They don't come with the tool...and the little bit is rather pricy.

Wow thx! Maybe snap ring pliers will work

If they don't then security bits aren't that expensive.

Can give you any number of UK links. Harbor Freight will have what you need for little money.

Mine was very dry and a little tight. I tried a couple drops of Hoppes and it worked better but finally decided more drastic measures were necessary. I took the clip off and with the blade in the open position sprayed through the hole were the glass breaker screws in with Rem oil until all the crap came out and the oil started to look clean. There was a lot of crap in there. The action is 100% better now the switch is not as hard to push open or closed and it springs open and shut much faster now. It took a couple days for all the oil to stop seeping out everyplace but it was worth the effort.

I just ordered one of these and I am stoked to get it. Anyone else have feedback on these knives?

I got the bigger one, reviewed elsewhere here. (Troodon)

Mine works well and sharp as hell OOB. Cut me real good when I got in the way!

Wouldn't dare carry it, but looks great and fun to play with.