Manafont t6 3mode replacement driver?

Hi guys
I just burned my manafont 3mode xlm drop in :frowning:
Is there anything that can be done to save it and how?
I obviously need a new driver but i don’t have a clue which one…
Thanks in advance

If it's not a problem having 5 mode, this can be a good driver

it doesn't have to be 5 mode..if you connect the one star to the outer ring it can be a 3 mode hi-med-low..I have a few of my lights set up this way with that driver..forget what star exactly but there is a thread on the driver on this forum..good driver for the price btw

Ok ordered
Thanks guys

I have replaced a couple Manafont drop ins with that same driver and the difference in high is not noticeable to the naked eye.

That's "better" than the default driver since I don't think they even have regulation be default. This is linear regulation, but it does mean it wastes some power when the batteries are fresh, and lose some efficiency overall, but I don't think driving the xml with no regulation is a good idea in the first place.