One of our new sponsors Manafont (add on top) has the Romisen C6 for 10$ Thats a bargain!!

KD DX LT etc want more than 3-4 $ more. Get it. Its a very good light. Dont know the vendor though!!

It's very probably the cheaper made version, with a lower quality tailcap, reverse clicky, Q3 and 3-mode.

Still a good price! :)

Oh! I did not know that there were two versions. Dont know why Romisen want to harm

their good reputation by making inferior products.

Yes, it's irritating when companies release an inferior version of the same product name. I wouldn't even mind if Romisen released a cheaper version, but they need to label it as such, a different model name, or something to designate it as the cheapo version.

I havve one of these, and while it is more cheaply made, the compromises are mostly where it is less important. There's a review here which I really must finish.

Thanks Nautic for the link. I bought this Q3 version so I can compare with my Q5 version (supposedly the better made one).

When you get it tell us which is better