Manker E11, Utorch UT01 Tailcap warning

Just wanted to give fellow BLFers a heads up / warning regarding the dual spring tail cap on these lights….

I was cleaning out the dryer lint from the exhaust duct today using my Manker E11 to see what I was doing. The Eneloop battery died and I had a backup ready to go. When I unscrewed the tailcap (hurriedly and somewhat carelessly) the spring POPPED the tailcap off the end and launched it a couple feet away. It bounced off the foil exhaust duct, and fell into the hole/gap in the wall… and fell all the way down to the concrete foundation. UGH… stupid mistake!!

I have been into flashlights for a very long time, and this was a first for me. So just be careful with those double spring tailcaps!! they can get away from you in a millisecond.

happened to me one time, not manker e11, but manker e21
not at the tail cap, but at the driver

I suggest unscrewing it at the head rather than the tail. If you unscrew it at the head, the light comes apart much closer to the center. It’s much easier to keep a grip on both halves than if you unscrew at the tailcap.

…but the driver PCB is held in place by the battery tube…

… and the switch will be misaligned…

Good advice although some are reporting the press-in driver can work itself loose. I never had this problem with either the UT01 or E11. But who knows with repeated unscrewing…

The driver wont easily rotate or get misaligned as long as you dont screw the battery tube back in the battery.

Aah ok got it. I never thought about that.

Just want to clarify my previous post in case someone else couldn’t get the point I was trying to make as that post was messed up for some reason…

Best to leave the battery tube screwed in the head, to avoid driver PCB misalignments.

that’s good to know bro