Manker U22 III SBT90.2

Anybody have experience with or educated guesses about this light? Looks very interesting, but I can’t find any info.

Its unreleased nobody has one yet?

Interesting light,but when you check the SBT-90.2 option,it won’t list specs or add to cart. I love the form factor of this light. Head size is exactly that of the MK 37,turbo will be short-lived on this light unfortunately.

It's basically an AA flashlight in terms of output, but with a 3 second Turbo burst. Not fond of those type of flashlights..

I hate that I’ve recently started an obsession with TIR optics. It’s really bad. I’d be interested in testing this light in the Osram configuration. This is an Acebeam L18 without a tailswitch. I’ve seen 1Lumens review on that light and I’m tempted. UI has me questioning, and the 2021 Maxtoch M1 (reflector NM1) is competing for the same spot in my lineup.

SBT90.2 can hold ~1200 lumens pretty comfortably in a host this size.

So small light can’t dissipate heat of SBT-90.2.
Don’t bother.

Everybody saying the light is too small for a SBT90.2, would you say the same about the Noctigon K1 SBT90.2, Fireflies T9R SBT90.2, etc? What about Sky Lumen’s Olight Warrior X Turbo SBT90.2 mod?

All I’m really hoping for is around 60 seconds above 75% spec, but the graphs I’ve seen seem to be more like 10-30 seconds—and then dropping not to ~40% but to ~5%—and that’s just… not useful.

Apparently it’s the exact same optic and power of the MK37, is a smaller single cell light.

Specs for SBT90 on MK37 are up and posted, with video beamshots.

As it is a smaller host, it will step down more quickly.

Yes, yes and yes. Really until you get to something like the MF02s I don’t think it’s appropriate. If you have the budget and taste for these things go for it, but I won’t.

Even a 1mm white flat can’t run at peak output in a light this size without reaching scalding temps while draining a 21700. I really think an SST-40 sliced/dedomed is far and away a better emitter for lights like this, or an XHP35 HI. I bet an apples to apples real world comparison of these in any given light won’t look favorably on the SBT90.2 in anything smaller than a ~K30GT sized light. My general rule of thumb is for single cell lights, which usually means a tapered down head / heatsink, is about 10:1 head diameter to LES area. That means 90mm for a SBT90.2.

I just received my Noctigon KR1vn with sbt 90.2. I haven’t done runtime tests, just played around with it, but I love it, beam isn’t too cool for my taste thankfully. The size is amazingly small for the throw. There’s definitely a place for these type lights. Still waiting on the Astrolux MFO2 V2 with single sbt 90.2, 4 cell 18650, which is what I’ll use if I want longer runtimes. I prefer smaller lights that pack the biggest punch.

SBT90.2 when ran at highest output is truly a monster. It takes a tremendously large host to get regulated runtimes past a couple minutes with it.

The best thing I could find objectively reviewing SBT90.2 turbo runtime is zeroair’s review of the Imalent popcan thrower sporting this emitter. Light starts out at 4-5000 lumens, and then tapers down to 2000 lumens by 30 seconds.

Having both a K75 and MK37, I can say that lights get literally too hot to handle after like 45 seconds of turbo with the SBT90.2. I have a modded MF01 mini using 7 Osram 2mm white flat emitters, and its 7000 lumen turbo doesn’t heat up the smaller MF01 mini as the lone SBT90.2 does the MK37.

SBT90.2’s turbo output is truly impressive, but requires a substantial host if you want to use it for more than 30 seconds. However, I’ve found the SB90.2 to be very efficient at lower outputs up to 2000 lumens. The MK37 can run at 1100 lumens with no worry at all with regards to heat buildup using the SBT90.2, but instead of getting 250kcd, you’re only getting like 40kcd. The MK37 can run at 2800 lumens, and heat gradually builds up to make the host warm by 10 minutes, and at that output you’re getting 112kcd. I expect the U22 III to be same performance as the MK37 given it’s the same head and optic, with slightly inferior heat management, since the heat sink isn’t quite as wide.

TLDR, the SB90.2 is impressive but very unwieldy at max output, but very efficient at lower outputs.

The same could be said of the lumintop X9L, KR1vn90, Amutorch XT45 but those lights are still a lot of fun! This light looks interesting to me. nice form with TIR.

Basically anything with less mass than the Astrolux mf02s v2 or GT90 cant dissipate the heat from the sbt90.2 appropriately, but i dont think that should stop manufacturers from making these smaller throwers with the sbt90.2. Of course, we all want what we want, and a small hotrod that steps down quickly is not for everyone, so i get that. then again, who is running turbo for more then 30s-60s anyway?

I by no means know a ton about thermal dissipation and technical data as others here, but i have experience with small sbt90 lights and “hot rod” lights.
first of all specs are just specs. if a light does step down in 20-40 seconds, you can always bump it back up to turbo (especially with anduril if your thermasl are set). These lights are still a lot of fun, and as long as your expectations are in line with what you’re buying you’ll love the light.

like others have said you will never have long runtimes on high settings with a small host, but that doesnt discount the usefullness of having a small light that’ll fit easily in your pocket and can still put out 5000 lumens and 700 meters of throw when needed, for short bursts (im thinking KR1vn from skylumen, or Lumintop X9L with sbt90.2). imo these are actually the most useful lights, because if you need a high powered light, you always have one on you (in your pocket), but other smaller tasks can be done too. Also, i think many of us have a light for most every situation, and you would not expect to use a smaller or pocketable light with an sbt90.2 for a long lasting time periods.

i also understand how people hate quick stepdowns and lower battery longevity, so thats a thing that makes sense too.

Unfortunately, that is not the case with most single cell SBT90.2 flashlights I know of.

What do you mean by 'comfortably'? In terms of heat? or in terms of runtime?

Nope, they just listed it on its own:

Is the U22 III still IPX8 if the rubber cover over the charging port comes off?


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