Marsfire throwers!

It says HA, looks quite a bit like the STL-V2.

I had to smile seeing the title.. Moonfire... ;) I meant Marsfire

Ahh the planetary theme. Uranus anyone? They should have ditched the anything fire along with fire long ago.

I like the looks of the gold anodized version. Seems like alot of amps for one XM-L. I'd like to see how it handles the heat. I suppose that green color dot on the tail cap must mean something, perhaps some type of mode lock?

I'm afraid it's just the GITD rubber boot, shining through a lanyard hole.

looks like it has a deeper reflector than stl-v2, like this:

I have their logo ready to go...



That gold one zafugly toilet plunger.

at Manafont arrivals today and look closely at the Sanyo 18650s.

You mean these?

(No capacity even stated for these.)



One day you will need a toilet plunger.

And you will be wishing it's a Uranusfire.