Match's Contest: Guess the Lumens and win a prize!


After a very frustrating few hours, I have just finished testing the output of everyones favorite Cree XM-L while directly mounted to copper, similar to this. In celebration of this (whoo-hoo!), I've decided to do a giveaway of sorts.

Here's the deal!

- Post below your best guess as to the max lumen output achieved during the test. For reference, the testing was conducted exactly as my other emitter tests as found here. (big block -o- copper/alum, regulated power supply, Fluke RTD temp and amp monitoring, 30sec stable, yadda yadda yadda....)

- No, you do not get to know what current level the testing stopped at. But, looking at the data from the previous xml, mc-e, and sst-50 tests may give you an idea.

-Post as often as you like, but one guess only. If you change your mind before the contest is over, please re-edit your first "guess" post.

- Contest to end next Sunday night (5/20) when I finally make a new post of the xm-l testing results. Then everyone gets to see who was closest. Yes, this means I get to sit on this delicious data for a whole week! muhahahaha....

Here's the Prize!

A long time ago I was sent a light by one heck of a great member here. I don't want to name any names, but it rhymes with "MacktheStripper" Tongue Out. The intent was for me to mod it, then use it in a givaway of some sorts similar in concept to this one. This drawing here is my attempt to make good on this deal.

The bugger of it is, that little 3xAAA incan light has been an albatross around my neck...for I have a hard time seeing any potential with it (too short for 18650, to fat for a single eneloop, and the host material has more in common with Playdough than any actual known metal). So, while the rest of you are feverishly speculating lumens, I'm going to try my damnedest to make that little light special for the prize.

Since I never roll without a back-up plan I cowardly reserve the right to offer up another of my mods in place of the afformentioned light Wink . Depending on how frustrated this comming week is and the nearest proximity of a ball-peen hammer, this may end up happening. Regardless, I'll post a shot or two of the light and any progress (or lack thereof) made.

Time to put on your Thinking Caps and start guessing!

Best of luck,



Folks, we have a winner! Through some mystical insight, PilotPTK was able to come within 20 lumens of the correct answer with his entry of 1525. That's testing shows 1505 lumens at 6.4 amps! I'll post a new thread with the graphs along with my thoughts / observations.

And now the prize !

Here is were I'd like to post pictures of the proverbial ugly duckling transformed into a beautiful swan.

However, it wasn't meant to be. My plan was for a conservatively driven NW xm-l behind a frosted wide TIR lens. Where this plan went awry was when I decided to spice it up a bit more and convert it to a side clicky with copper inlays. Not sure what particular alloy this light is made out of, but it responded horribly to machining and I ended up with a mess - and could not in good conscious send it out. It's not the first mod I've messed up, and most likely won't be the last. At least I've found a novel switch idea in the process.

Even better news (I hope) for PilotPTK is, the back-up prize is none other than my beloved original Minimatch v1.0. Classic mini-mag look with triple xp-g goodness. Also to be included is a handmade paracord lanyard from JacktheClipper!

The ironic thing is... In the past year I've been contacted more than a few times from folks wanting to purchase this particular light, but stopped short when I quoted them a price. Now it's the subject of a giveaway. Life's funny that way Wink.

Thanks again to everyone who participated in this little contest. Great forum with a great community! Now, time to post that new thread on the testing results...

p.s. - PilotPTK, PM me your address when you get a moment.

My hat said 1087

This is going to be hard...

But I will put in 1112 lumens for now.

More than sure I will edit it 10 times...

I'd say 1185 lumens. :Р


Thanks, Match! Beautiful work.




My guess is 1111.


Nice! Thats the light Jack won in my giveaway! Hope the master can do something with that thing.

I guess 1090.

1310 lumens

He's my cousin !

And yes , that light was won by me in a giveaway by our beloved fishmaniac .

If anyone can make that light into something special , Match can .

Our Match is a modder so skilled

He can conquer almost any build

And if you guess right

You might win this light

Then you will be completely thrilled



Sensei - What a Great Idea for a giveaway!

I don't want to pick a number and take a try, but I just wanted to thank you for coming up with such a great giveaway!