MATEMINCO SL02 LED 1287 Lumen 18650 EDC Flashlight

LED: Lumileds HL2X +osram GWJTLMS1.EM LED
Max Output: 1287 Lumen
Max beam distance: 451m
Floodlight +Spotlight
Head: Breathing+Colorful
Tail: gradient atmosphere light
Battery: 18650/18350
Color temperature: 6500K
Size: 117.7mm (length)26.8mm (head) 25.8mm (tail)
weight:75g(without battery)

The Mateminco SL02 18650 flashlight is an innovative and versatile head torch, designed to deliver outstanding performance and a superior lighting experience. With its powerful Lumileds HL2X LED light source and a 175° wide-angle lens, this torch delivers a wide, even beam of light, making it suitable for a range of indoor and outdoor activities.

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What UI does it use? Can’t seem to find it anywhere and that learn more link isn’t working for me never mind, finally opened but no info on it there either

I miss the days when Astrolux/Mateminco was pretty invested into Anduril and neutral tone emitters. This host looks pretty cool but I’m expecting it uses a proprietary UI, and geez 6500K? Why not go 10000K while we’re at it?

Maybe I need to come to terms with the reality that I may no longer be in their target market lol