Mateminco TK04 XHP50.2 13,500 Lumens

Here’s the Mateminco TK04 I bought earlier this month on Amazon.

FT02S turbo mode

TK04 turbo mode

TK04 turbo mode

FT02S turbo mode

Garage with lights out (as a reference for above photos)

So is there any major difference? Should I go for one over the other?

Mateminco is one of the manufacturers for Astrolux (Astrolux is a Banggood brand). They’ll be functionally identical. The Mateminco can probably be ordered from Mateminco’s aliexpress store. Sometimes the Mateminco versions can be had slightly cheaper than Astrolux versions. Note that Mateminco is not the OEM for all Astrolux models - for example some are made by Sofirn.

There is not enough difference for me to notice. I would go with the FT02S for sure, it is a much better deal.

Awesome thanks!

Why is the FT02S rated at 11000 lm and this one 13500 lm?

Mateminco have rated it higher but it’ll never hit those numbers. Astrolux’s rating is more realistic.

Never thought I’d read those words.

I dont think FT02s does even 11k lumens rated…

Nice… I wish they made the MT01 in that green color. Mateminco and Sofirn seem like really good value brands overall.

That ugly tint shift…

Yeah my XPG3 lights do this too. It doesn’t bother me personally as long as there’s no angry-green in the beam. Others probably won’t like it though. An OP reflector or floody TIR lens would help blend this out, and would have been my personal preference. Clearly they were trying to increase hot spot candela / Lux.

Even the SST40 one has an ugly beam. The reflector design isn’t good. I told Mateminco and they said that it has a deep reflector but I don’t think that should cause a problem. It’s probably just poorly designed.

Every time I use it outdoors the dark tint shift ring catches my eye and then my eye is drawn to the ragged edges of the beam Yes, poorly designed reflector. I believe the LEDs are too close together. Real bright though.

I think all that yellow around the hot spot is “stray” light from the die(s) reflected off the excess phosphor around the perimeter of the 2x2 die… correct?
The reflector is just mirroring an image of the LED… correct?

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Bit of an odd post but just had one of these show up in the mail and don’t recognize the sender. If anyone knows who it is drop me a line so I can say thanks. It is from North Carolina. I seem to remember someone from there but the name doesn’t match what I remember.

First thanks to whoever sent it assuming it is not a mod that someone wants lol.

Second, my quick 2 min review of the light is it is pretty nice. Output is impressive and the beam is surprisingly good considering the layout.

That said as noted in the OP, it does naturally have some tint shift that is pretty much unavoidable with these LED’s. Although I find outside of a whitewall it is not generally as noticeable as it looks in pictures.

Very solidly built as well.

I tested it with 30T….almost 12,500 Lumens at start (50.2 5700k). Yah, it’s that bright. Pulled 32 amps.