MAX current for XR-E P4 warm white LED?

Hello all.
I want to make a warm white LED flashlight. I have UltraFire C8 clone from e-bay (with plastic reflector) and am ordered from DX XR-E P4 warm white LED on 16mm star and 3xAMC1735 1050mA driver
At first I was thinking to remove one of AMC7135 chips to get ~700mA (MAX allowed current for XR-E warm white emitters - on CREE XR-E datasheet). But in this forum I’ve seen in many posts that LED emitters works also overdriven.
Can I run XR-E P4 warm white from 1050mA driver on C8 flashlight? Or it will work well? Maybe someone has tried this?

As long as the star is well attached to the pill for thermal-transfer, it will be alright.

Thank you PilotPTK, you encouraged me!
I will attach a LED star to C8 drop-in with thermal glue, so thermal-transfer should be good enough.
Ok, I will leave all 3 AMC1735 chips - light will be a few lumens brighter. 8)

Use the THINNEST layer of thermal glue that you can. Less is more with thermal glue.

Thermal glue/epoxy/whatever actually has pretty horrible thermal transfer characteristics compared to aluminum/brass/copper so you want to minimize it’s thickness in order to minimize it’s thermal resistance.

Good luck with the project!

Ou, than maybe better to use the thermal compound (provided for computer processors)? And screw LED star to drop-in with screws? or it would be a better solution?

Thermal paste/gel/grease does have better thermal transfer properties than thermal glue. You still want the thinnest layer possible. JUST ENOUGH is just enough.

Either, however, will be fine - just keep it thin.


OK, many thanks for the advice! Before that, I really think that more is better!
Now I will try to use a very small amount of thermal glue. :slight_smile: