MaxToch Mission M12 Group Buy feeler...and other thoughts.

This thread is to show your interest in a GB (or discount…whatever your perspective) for MaxToch’s Mission M12…thanks to the buzz generated by Tom E, 18650, DBCstm, racer, mudgripz and other BLFers. Just post your interest as well as quantity. I have a message into Amanda at MT and see what kind of deal we can get.

Tom E’s excellent review here.

Here are some expanded thoughts (having dealt with MaxToch on 3 previous Group Buys) that I just posted on the review thread posted above. I hope you read it as it might give BLF members some additional perspective on MaxToch as a company, as well as the quality of their lights:

With MaxToch, you know you are getting an excellent product right out of the box. This is the company I wish I had bought my initial products from when the flashlight bug bit! Ultimately, I would have spent far less and have a much better, quality collection.

MT/Amanda also listens to us. They have specifically re-designed many lights in their line-up because of feedback received from many BLF members. Has NiteCore? Sunwayman? Thrunite? Fenix? Perhaps…but doubtful. Do these manufacturers have a presence here…other than possibly lurking around, relentlessly pursuing MAP violations? The fact that MT eagerly listens to feedback is especially of interest to a moderate tinkerer such as myself. But, when you think about it, their lights still leave room for modders that want a solid light for a foundation to build off of.

Speaking of MAP…how many GBs for other lights have been a waste of time…ruined because of the MAP enforcement police? How about the added wasted time put into hiding GB info from them…having to email/pm pricing data, etc. Seriously warped thinking considering the exposure those companies enjoy at our expense. They even benefit when the GB goes south, with people still clamoring for MAP enforced lights. This benefits them because of the internet buzz on the very product they are blocking you from getting a deal on! Ironic…huh? I guess I don’t quite understand the great interest in the continual pursuit of Group Buys from companies that strictly enforce MAP. I reckon it is a forbidden fruit kinda thing…lol. MaxToch doesn’t play that. You don’t have to worry about the GB going south because the manufacturer/dealer pulled the plug. MaxToch IS the manufacturer/dealer!

Sorry this was a little long winded. I contacted Amanda regarding the M12 for a GB. Will let you know the results. Just know that if they want to do one that I will endeavor to get the best deal…keeping in mind that it is a light that sold out on the first run.


Interested if price is low enough. ;)

Maybe try and get price for flashlight only and then people can add a certain amount for battery/batteries/pouch if they want? I might be interested in accessories if price is right.

The light Tom E got seemed to have the driver circuit retaining ring pretty stuck. Maybe they can make sure its not?

Im not interested in a light with glued parts. Just saying.

Thanks for giving the GB a shot krono! :beer:

I am interested if the price is right ! Also in a high output high capacity battery to go with it :-)

Left hand thread possibly? Stranger things have happened.

maybe if there an option to chose NW tint and depend on final price :slight_smile:

Off topic but just wondering why this under headlamps? Anyways depending on price, put me down for one.


I had a thought and look at that for sure, but it looks like it's a retaining ring in the same threads the body screws in to. Gotta do some garden work - will get to it lata hopefully. The bezel and tail cap were in pretty tight too, but no glue.

** I'd be good for qty 1 for sure, maybe 1-2 more. Also please ask Amanda if we could order cells separately, or extras at least.

Update: Got her open! Updates in Post #1 of the review thread.

Since they’re the manufacturer. can they sell at much cheaper price? :~
if other manufacturer such Optoelectronics Technology the maker of Warsun build a good light and sell it cheap, Why can’t they do the same… :smiley:
After I saw the review by Tom E, now I’m interested in getting one too, but somehow there’s something just not quiet “click” ( the feeling that you have when you see something that suit your liking) about their light design.
it’s a little bit similar to HD2010 albeit it’s much better light :~
but if they drop the group buy price to HD2010 level… I might bite the bait :wink:

I'm interested.

Unfortunately there won’t be a group buy at this time for the M12. Turns out most of their second run is already spoken for. There will only be a few excess units for regular retail sales.

Perhaps we can look for a group buy on another light. Will let ya’ll know later.

Thank you very much for your interests. I’ll follow up the production.

And thank you Krono. Have a great weekend.

Thanks Krono for trying to get this group buy together. If it works out later, fine. If it doesn’t, oh well at least you tried. But I would like to thank you again for introducing me to this light in your last group buy. I have 2 of these lights in my collection and can’t wait to take one to the Desert this weekend. I would be interested in 1 more of these fine lights in the future if possible. I believe, in the 26650 single cell thrower form factor, this light is absolutely the King for the time being. This form factor is not everyone’s cup of tea, but it sure is mine!!

How about higher current version of DX21 (4.5A – 6.0A NW) :smiley:

The 2nd production is just finished. You can find Mission M12 here.

There are several combination of Mission with different accessories. If you prefer to different accessory combination, contact me directly please. I’ll check the price for you.

Thanks to everyone. :slight_smile:

Hi Amanda - are you going to sell the 26700 cells separately? I don't see them listed. I'd be interested in getting one or two more. Funny - I've done google, amazon, ebay, Aliexpress, dhgate search's and no 26700's could be found, just 100's of chargers claiming to support them...

Actually just found the KK 26700 5000's listed on Alibaba at min qty of 200 of course...

Looks like AlieXpress has the M12 on sale again. Don’t know how many units they have though. But you would think they would want to get this group buy rolling. First they may want to get the the things Tom E. found and straighten them out first though. Perhaps a version 2 with a direct heat sink path, no disco modes, better machining at the tail(threads). When a new great flashlight first comes out, you would think the company would want to create a little buzz about that light. And there is no better way to create buzz than getting a BLF group buy going. Getting those lights in the hands of hobbyists/experts is the best way to generate word of mouth or recommendations over the Web. Just my humble opinion.

New M12 already a hit - first production run sold out v quick. I believe law enforcement agencies into it in different countries. Smaller single batt config, very powerful and strobe/SOS etc good for their purposes.

You are right ROL - direct thermal path would be good plus no strobe etc - but this might be a case where they have to manufacture to specs of those big buyers.

Mudgripz is right on this. This light is very popular with a certain volume customer of theirs that requires strobe…and they produced only a certain number over that requirement for general sale. I’m not sure how many they have in stock.