MAXTOCH Rainbow E1

Looks good, got the full specs or a product page?

I HATE when they serialize lights on their bodies…

Going to need 2 things. A group buy with negotiated price so I can get at least 1 of these. And to be able to purchase the MCPCB and the reflector separately so I cram them into hosts they don’t belong in.

The price includes battery and charger. Maybe if we get a GB with light only.

A reflector D4! I like reflectors better than TIR’s. I wish it had the copper section of the titanium D4, because after the 30 seconds heating up in turbo the boiling internals insulated by the titanium takes a loooong time to cool down before it can handle a few seconds of turbo again.

Doesn’t it share some aspects with the most recent Amutorch flashlights?
Looks good, gonna check the specs :wink:

I like it. Group buy would be awesome. I have one in my cart, just not sure if I should wait for a better price.

I didnt realize it is titanium. That is bad for a high output light like this. Need aluminum or copper to conduct and shed heat.

Am I reading that the lowest mode is 120 lumens?