MAXTOCH XSWORD LA40 early bird discount, 1800 meters single 18650 LEP Flashlight

XSWORD LA40 is a scaled-down version of LA60, the rotary focusing LEP flashlight. Powered by one 18650 battery, its size is quite compact while its beam distance reaches 1800 meters.

Use code 1K8LA40 to get usd30.00 discount, valid till 30th April.


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Awesome! Ordered one, thanks Amanda!

(Also thanks for sending the updated W Pro V2.0 Battery Pack to replace my original Battery Carrier with zero hassle! Excellent customer support!)

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That’s really impressive performance for the size.

Have you considered an 18350 tube? I often carry a Weltool W3 Pro Tac with 18350 tube as I’d say the LA40 is still too large to EDC, but with a short tube it could be a good competitor to it.