May the 4th be with you - Sale and New Swag!

You know what day it is!

Boba Phett patch drop, Pheakolorian magnets and a discount?

For the first time, I am discounting a patch the day I release it. Probably a dumb decision because the Star Wars gear always sells out regardless, but this is about having fun and Star Wars is fun.

All Star Wars swag is 14% off! Use code MAYTHE4TH2021

If you purchased a Flood Ring from the drop yesterday I will combine shipping unless requested otherwise in the order notes

Thanks for the site info. :-) Lots of cool stuff. When's the "PhotonPhreaks phOwl Six-Panel Structured Twill Cap" gonna be back in stock?

Caps and shirts didn’t move super quickly. I still have some shirts from over a year ago. I pay attention to requests though, if ~5 people ask for something I usually make it happen, you’re number 1 for that hat :slight_smile: