maybe a good deal.... XTAR 2600

... who live in UK and USA

That's a good deal.

Looks a bargain to me. Free shipping too! Who has had any items off these people, anyone?

Good find. Has anyone bought from them? I rather buy from Shane(protacticalshop19 on ebay) for a couple of more bucks and have them in 3 days.

They say "delivered in 2 to 4 days"

They're being shipped from a USA based warehouse.

Wow don't know how i missed that! Then that's a great deal, I might have to order me 2x . Thanks for the heads up Weiser ;-)

I'll pass on these guys

Thanks for the red flag.

Excellent rating. :/ Those might as well be fake due to the store reputation. Who knows.

Yep don't buy from them. Not worth the heartaches with feedback like that. That would be a nitemare.

Oh wow. Yeah, definitely not worth the risk. I already have XTAR 2600's on the way from Serena anyway. I guess I'll just keep purchasing from them or from Shane.

the site collapsed finally, lol

but as I saw they also sell XTAR chargers which seemed to be original

I just got some of these. They sure look genuine. 3.83 and 3.84 on the dmm just like the ones i got from Serena. I have no way to measure capacity, might do a runtime comparison in a few days to make sure they’re legit. Or I could tear one open… nah.