Maybe I should spring for the Deeper water resistance...

From - :)

That is an awesome comic strip. xkcd is one of the few I look at consistantly.

Hence your avatar?

Definitely one of my favourite webcomics! I love the mouse-over thing he does for an extra punchline.

@ Piers: Your topic is much nicer, it has the picture right in it, which I am to stupid to manage

Of course you can, he even tells you more or less how to under the strip :P

Just click the little "insert/edit image" icon (it's between the anchor and the paintbrush) at the top of the edit box when you're writing a post and then paste the address to the image into the box that pops up.

Job done!

This is my favorite - It's just so visually striking.

Thanks for taking the time to explain it! Wohoo, pictures!

This is my favorite, for the sheer geekiness (and because I thought for a moment I really had dead pixels on my screen

HeHe :)

LOL! :bigsmile:

It's me and my wife exactly!