MCU-C7 parts

I ran into ANOTHER problem with the newer version

as previously stated on DX (and this is a copy post cause im a bit lazy), the new reflector just SITS between the led and the glass, and the pill has to be unscrewed some to keep pressure on the glass

the OLD version had a reflector that screwed into the head to hold the glass.

So whats the problem with this? due to the diameter being smaller on the new reflector, one of the ones i sold came back, with the led RIPPED IN HALF!
apparently when he dropped it, it ripped the metal/plastic combo lens RIGHT OFF THE LED ITSELF!

SOOOO, I would LIKE to start getting some of the old reflectors. anyone know where to get some? or can i buy theirs off them?

no bites huh?

Well, you could in theory run it without the lense. You only need some of the phosphor gel. It's a much brighter hotspot and pretty ghettolicious.

im. no... thats a bit ghetto

id prefer using a reflector that screwed into the head... esp since these were ones that i sold to people. first one back like this, but probably not the last.

however EVERYTHING else took the shocks of multiple drops...

i replaced it with an R5 and a slightly bigger, but still floating reflector....

hopefully hes happy with his 10 dollar fix