Mecarmy PT14 for sale (US) $25 SOLD!

PT14 for sale. 14500 triple USB. Bought from Illumn supply. Has the newer UI. Lowered price due to finding small scratches on light that magically appeared in my absence… Works great. Can send pics to email only. $25 shipped/ no battery. Light is sold!

P14? not PT14?

I stand corrected. Thx mon!

I’ll take it, send pp info…thanks

Price drop, bump!

Pm sent

Thanks for not giving me right of first refusal. I offered to buy this first, you accepted my offer, and I waited one week …as per your request that you were not able to ship last week. Then I contact you today and you advise me of some scratches…you never send me pictures as per your offer, and then under sell it to Chooma……this speaks volumes of your character…
Thanks for nothing.


Lamont56. You got dibs, I’m unable to mail light til next Monday, if you want it, shoot me a pm Sunday or Monday and I’ll give you pp info. I want to mail as close to getting payment so there is no worry for either party. Thx!

Well ain’t that special. I can post my pm asking for your email adress last nite. All I got was crickets…. Let it go man.