Medford Praetorian Clone....

A buddy of mine sent me one of these Praetorian clones, a gift for turning him on to the budget Chinese sites… I have to say, if I should ever be starving and come across a wild Buick that I can chase down, I now will have something to skin and gut it with… This is is a hefty knife, I have to say it is VERY high quality for the price.

I also picked up a Harnds Viper and a Ganzo G720 due to getting this knife. I haven’t recieved the Ganzo yet, but the Harnds is amazing for $15, incredible fit and finish for less than an hours worth of wages from a factory job…. I will be getting more of these knives… Thanks for all the information here.

Where did you get the Hardns for 15$. Ive heard good things about this knife for a while and would probably like to get one now.

Can you recommend a good vendor? Thanks.

Where did you get the Hardns for 15$. Ive heard good things about this knife for a while and would probably like to get one now.

Can you recommend a good vendor? Thanks.

Yes, it was Fasttech. The link for the VIPER (non affiliated) and the link for the KNIGHT (same as Viper, but black with serrations) I am very impressed with the VIPER…

I got my Ganzo G720 in from GearBest and they are $17.58 right now, what a knife for the money. The thing is built like a swiss tank… the lock up is great, the action smooth, all for under $20, amazing…

All links are non affiliated.

They are even cheaper today

HARNDS Less than $13!

GANZO Great prices here too… (Both links NON affiliated)

Must be a fathers day sale….

What’s it used for? In the words of youtuber Tactical X-Rays “this is a blade that hacks down doors, breaks the icesheet around your ship on an Arctic expedition, pries open steel barrels on an oil rig, dismantles taliban hideouts and splits wood on the ranch!”

Haven’t read this whole thread and I know this is old but I think the G10 models are the best way to go. It’s still a very heavy knife with G10 - can’t imagine how heavy it is with both sides steel. I got 2 now of the G10 models and they are sweeeeet for a ~ $20 knife.

Vulcan clone is one of the few budget knives I didn’t really like. Smaller than I thought and all steel. Maybe a user but not that good overall.

I watched Greg’s video that goes over the differences… have to say that even though the MP clone is so affordable, why bother? It’ll only be a conversation piece. It’s not practically designed. I would love to own an original MP, but they’re way too expensive. Would rather pick up a used but well cared for example for $300.

I wish the China knife makers would do the Medford clone with one handle side in Titanium! It would be so much lighter / better but still a strong tank of a knife. I’d easily pay an extra $50 to $100 just to have one handle in Titanium instead of the steel handle. I actually wrote to one of the sellers I got one from requesting that he pass that info on to the knife maker. If they don’t see the market for that soon I’ll just run down the road a ways where there is a full CNC machine shop and have them make one for me from the steel handle as a model.

Hello, I’m new and I taught my clone Medford P. modified for battle, it is a beast. A cordial greeting.
And a nice video :wink:

Sorry for my bad english.

Hola Frederico,

nice design, how did you do it?

For anyone still interested in buying a Medford Praetorian Clone:


                                      <span style="font-size: 18pt;">[[Link to DHGate]]( </span>

Note: If link returns an error message, then do a search of the DHGate’s website for “Medford Praetorian” under All Categories.

Hello Lobster, I it did with a machine style Dremel putting a top of milling machine (drill) very small.

Nice work, well done that engraving! Thanks for sharing.

Anyone know where I can order a Praetorian clone from, cant seem to find them anywhere.

Did you try looking 3 posts earlier?

Another site posted on the forum today:

It must be late I missed that post completely.

They are only selling the all steel one in lots of 3 or 5 no singles. That one with the round hole looks interesting too, different design.