Metal clicky for Convoy s2+.

Anyone know how to order a tailcap for an s2+ that will work with a metal clicky switch? I have the switch and I tried to replace a rubber switch but the hole is too large. Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

This is not much help to you but it would probably be cheaper and easier to just buy a S2+ host.
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I hate buying wasted parts. lol Thank you for the help, I really do appreciate it. It's just hard to believe that there's no way to order a tailcap with a metal clicky. Maybe it would cost as much as the entire host though. I'm going to trt to jerry rig something. I will probably end up buying a host just for the clicky.

[CA$1.92]Convoy Metal Clicky Switch DIY For S2+ Red/Green/Blue/Silver/Sand Flashlight Accessories Flashlight from Lights & Lighting on

That's the switch I have, unfortunately it won't work with any of my tailcaps

Sorry, back to square one or the host posted above. Good luck!