MF100.0 grins 10th OL modified entry

I decided to start this build for the competition when I had it sitting in front of ,me contemplating how to build when it dawned on me the is enough room in the MF05 to stuff the contents of an FF5 plus an extra 4 batteries.
honestly I hate the MF05 too big and heavy to hold above shoulder height long enough for it to get hot. Yeah it will sustain turbo in terms of heat but you get these wee weeing little battery springs that are supposed to sustain the 35a turbo the light is capable of heat wise.
AND the person who made the decision to even use those pee pee little old batteries needs to be BBQed.
AND THE BATTERY TUBE is too small and make the light look out of proportion.
Now I will stop complaining and get on with it. Main aim of this light is to keep the exterior of the MF05 unchanged.
The rear switch on the FF5 can be moved to the MF05 switch.That way the stock carriers can be used when changed to 4S. FF5 side switch can then be moved to the Fandle switch. Maybe some pogo pins. I am fairly certain the MF05 and FF4 reflector are the same focal length which will be used to fill the base MF05 reflector.

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Good to see you IN. :beer:

Cool. Some expensive hosts there!

The MF05 is a little ridiculous.

Hey grin :wink: How’s the project going?
Hope you can advance anf finish it meanwhile :wink:

I have had L4-5 decompression surgery on my back. I sat at home for 2weeks before going to a doctor in that time couldn’t feel my legs. Lucky for me feeling is coming back so damage isn’t permanent.
I won’t be able to lift anything for 6-8 weeks which is going to be extremely hard for me not to. but I will be able to stand or sit at the lathe. In that time should be able to finish 3 or 4 lights already started.

I am going to use 3 GTX94 battery carriers to power it.

Take care of your health and get well soon.

This is a sophisticated project. If you can finish it eventually it would be nice. :person_with_crown:

Thanks, this is one light that has to be built.

Sorry to hear of your woes. Hope your recovery is smooth.

On the bright side, good to hear you’ll be spending more time making lights and getting on blf :wink: though I wouldn’t spend too long standing at your lathe with a bad back…

Bit of an update. I am not exactly sure how it happened. I worked for a week then couldn’t walk for 2 weeks before I went to the hospital for the first time in 43 years. I didn’t know my heart rate at rest is 39 beats a minute it took 10hrs to work out that was normal. Haha I am terrified by needles even though I know it doesn’t hurt. At the sight of one my heart instantly goes to 58.
I went into for L4-5 decompression surgery in agony and not being able to walk or feel my feet. Within an hour of waking up around 7pm I could walk. Next day got cleared by all the doctors involved and was discharged at 3pm. Still a bit swollen and sore but on the mend. now the biggest challenge comes, not lifting anything for 6 weeks.
So all good news.
I have all the chemicals for anodising. I wonder how glowing the dark dye would work…….

Take care of you

Regards Xandre