Miboxer C4 (different versions)


I am interesting in Miboxer C4 and now noticed the different versions:

*C4 Upgrade
*C4-12 Upgrade
*C4 Plus


I don’t know any difference between the normal and the upgrade versions?

*The C4-12 provides fast charching at 3A each slot…the C4 Plus 2,5A each slot?

*The C4 is the basic version with 800mA each slot, incl. discharging?

*The C4-V4 provides 1A each slot, incl. discharging?

Is this correct? Are there other diffferences?

Which one would be the best choice? Especially for charging Ni-MH batteries.

How important/useful ist the discharching mode?

wish I could help you out but I’d like to know too.

I’ll try to help you and others.

- The upgrade versions of C4-12 and C4 have longer slots to load secured 21700 batteries.

- Further the C4 now had an internal power supply. First one had external.

- The C4 Plus has wider slots for suiteable 4 x 26650 batteries, which don’t fits into C4 and C4 upgrade.

- The C4-12 always charges at max. 3A - doesn’t matter how many slots are used. A maximum at 4x 3A = 12A max. Ni-MH at 1A.

- The C4 Plus charges Li-Ion batteries at 2 x 2.5A or 3 x 2.0A or 4 x 1.5A. It also depends how many slots are loaded. Ni-MH at 1A.

- The basic C4 charges Ni-MH at 800mA each slot and discharging only in slot 4, with 400mA. But normally this is a very ols charger and should be sold out.

- The C4 V4 (Release 12/2019) charges Li-Ion batteries 2 x 1.5A or 3 x 1.3A or 4 x 1.0A - depending how many slots are loaded. Discharging only in slot 4, with 400mA max.

  • There is also a C4 V3 (Release 11/2019) which is similar with V4, but without discharging option.

Thanks so much I appreciate the info

Their quality control is shady at best and their customer service is non existant.
I bought three mixboxer chargers and they were all faulty.

Avoid Miboxer.

Thanks Joe

I’m sorry for you.

At the other side, in Germany we have many fans of the Miboxer charger. We don’t notice strikingly high failures.

The Miboxer charger has many very good advantages with less price, comparing to other manufacturer.

Miboxer is a chinese company (like most other charger manufacturer). So what kind of customer service do you expect (From China to Canada)? Best would be, to order at Amazon or Aliexpress. So if there is a problem, you can claim at them and the will help you.

The problem with chargers is that unless you have some knowledge of cells how do you know if the charger is defective?
In the end the user has a battery that for all intents is fully charged.
How can the regular joe know? How can he know that the charger was not harming the batteries?

The fact that I got three different miboxer chargers (different models/version) that had different kind of problems is problematic to me because it tells me that they quality control is shady/non existant at best.
And thats why I cant recommend them.

As for their customer support, I would expect at a minimum to at least show interest in the problems that I have and try figure out if this could be a real issue with the charger and have it looked at.
Good customer service, they would ask to have the unit returned for further analysis and possibly pay for the shipping.
Excellent customer service they would also refund the price of the device.
Outstanding customer service ask for the unit back with paid shipping and send me a new device that is fully tested and that it works.

What I got three times was crappy customer service, Didnt even get a sorry for your troubles in their emails.
If any of the Miboxer people are reading this, focus a bit more in real customer care.

Please remember that I am not an employee of Miboxer.

But from what I read here, you’re a very demanding customer. This is not a problem at all, only then you should not buy a cheap $20 product from China. That is then a contradiction in terms. You don’t even get such customer service you describe from so called premium manufacturers like Samsung, Hewlett Pacard or Lenovo (only examples).