Micro diy 3d printed flashlight

Hey! I’ve got a tip from Thingiverse to post it here, i maked micro dynamo flashlight, and i think its worth of seeing.

Also, here is link where you can see details of building it, along with files necessery for 3d printing it. Matchstick - mini infinite flashlight
Any feedback is welcome, along with tips how to improve it. :slight_smile:

Cool device! What’s the runtime like after a full charge? I might make one of these with an amber or red LED and an inductive charging circuit as a little night flashlight. Leave it sitting on my phone charger, make it turn on only when charging stops.

its about 2 minutes, but depends, because chip will turn on led on full blast regardless of how much capacitor is charged. After it pass theshold in voltage, its on, so its not dimming as capacitor discharges. Ive could put ordinary joule thief, but it take much more space in housing