Mid range / EDC HA-III lights....


After over a year time, I will be buying some Mid range / EDC HA-III lights.

Last few days I have spent time in BLF.

I live in Nordic country , so its dark in winter. I want to give some lights to my parents & friends.

I will be buying some EDC (preferably HA-III Q5/R2/R5) and midrange (slightly bigger than EDC) lights.

Also planning Solarforce L2 series.

So many lights (fake, clone, costly) , I am really looking some lights , value for money.

Pleasse suggest.



And what is maximum price point per one light ?

For ~40$ range I suggest Jetbeam BA/BC series. For less, take a look at Olight "i" series or ITP "Eos" series. Avoid cheap ***Fire lights, because their reliability is not so good and sometime they need additional soldering job to fix factory negligence.

You can't go wrong with the new solarforce L2. Best light for the money. I'm really impress with their quality. Well it is a only budget light i trust to put on my AR.

Are you talking about lights with standard batteries, or also LiIon batteries? I only give away lights that run on standard cells. (AA/AAA) Otherwise you have to factor in batteries/charger/voltmeter etc. and a small powerpoint presentation on how to charge 18650 batteries safely. ;-)

Possibly best would be AA or multi-AA.

If parents / friends are more technically oriented, you could get those lights using Li-Ion batteries (14500, 16340, 18650).

On AA / AAA -format you basically need just the light. Batteries are available everywhere.

If you want to use Li-Ion, you need to buy good batteries AND proper charger also.

This adds up at least 15$ but more likely 30$.

If you can decide the battery configuration (means a lot to the size of flashlight), it would be easier to recommend "the safest first tries" what to buy.

cr123a... they are available at stores, and they can get some tenergy lifepo4s for it if they want rechargeables. they are a "safe" chemistry

thanks for the replies.

I agree with you all, AA/AAA lights will be better for my parents.

But I need your suggestions for both AA/AAA (for parents) 18650/16340 lights for myself / friends.

EDC (AA/AA , /14500 , 10440) and mid-range 18650 (XM-L or SST-50)

Price around 20-30 USD per light.


Good looking. I would make this a gift, probably I will.


Or maybe some tough flashlight, actually I'm thinking of buying this for myself. Looks pretty good.


They might have some midrange prices, but quality-wise they look like double or more the price.


I am waiting for few more suggestions. If someone already satisfied with the some lights.