Migration bug

Hi SB.

i) Just noticed I lost ALL my messages in my inbox. Sent items seem to be ok.
ii) Sending of messages not working. Getting some ajax mistakes…

Thanks and sorry if this has already been reported.

You didn’t lose them, they just got moved out of your inbox. Everything is still available under the “All Messages” tab at the top.

I’m not getting updates to any of my subscribed feeds?

I mean email updates…

Insert table row function is gone.

A known problem, and covered already in sb’s own thread about the upgrades. Sending emails is only partially working right now.

I think most people would do well to just sit back, relax, and let sb work through it all. This was a major upgrade and he’s a one-man show, so it’ll take some time to get all the features and functions back online. Be patient.

Isn’t insert table function there in advanced post editor? At least I see Insert Table, maybe not what you want.

Yep, they’re still there. Please continue this discussion here for ease of tracking issues: [07-MAR-2016] Current status of BLF upgrade process