Mild modding of my Astrolux S1

I recently had posted up a thread ( about my warm S1 having a horrible green tinge.

Rather than return it, I seen an opportunity for a little change.

I got James at 3Tronics to swap out the emitter with an XPL HI at 4000K, and also a little powder coating.

Just received the light today so haven’t had a chance to test out the emitter, that will be done tonight so will update this later in regards to the XPL.

The powder coating is beautifully done, very evenly smooth all round! Lovely workmanship from James. He had my light back to me within a week, top guy!! Very reasonable pricing too, highly recommended.

(That bit that looks like a metal speck is not a metal speck, must have been something else, I have examined the coating and it’s blemish free)

Really cool Doc. Please put up a pic of the 18650 and 18350 together if you are able.


Ah yes, need to decide which one I will be keeping as an 18650 and which one I will be changing to an 18350. Then I’ll take pictures. About to head out now to compare :slight_smile:

The tint on the XPL HI 4000k is spot on for what can be expected from CREE. Very nice greens, browns and reds! Only lacking in yellow slightly but overall a very happy camper with the temperature and CRI!