Mini Monolith Dual LED Dual Switch Flashlight

Here’s another fun little light i made today :slight_smile:

Direct drive Cree XM-L2 U2 1A LED
100 Ω resistor driven Cree XP-E Red LED
Dual forward clickies
TP4056 70mA built in micro USB charger with indicator
200mAh Lipo cell
Fully potted
Cold blued
Magnetic on two sides
Hand made from from 1” aluminium box tube

Max – 300lm
cd – 120
Throw – 22m

Weight 33g
60mm x 25mm x 12mm

It looks drunk lol
Lovely little box-o-light !
It reminds me of a cheap version of this that I made like ten years ago… I gotta find a picture somewhere

Yeah he’s been suppin’ the juice :smiley:

What kind of power do you get with that setup?

Haha typical! - The only build where i forgot to measure it and someone asks, the thought only crossed my mind as i was injecting the silicone in…

Was it the red XP-E information you were after, you’re working with one just now aren’t you?

I can’t take this one apart but i have another lipo cell and emitter i can setup for a test if you want.

I have a preorder in, for a silver one :wink:

I’m just interested in what they pull on direct drive, how much heat you have to deal with and what that lipo can provide

No, i had to take you off the list, it’s for your own good mate :laughing:

Ok, i’ll have a play tomorrow with them.
I have a red XP-E in a DQG fairy pulling around 450mA and that does produce a fair bit of heat, just FYI.

No worries, just an interesting build! I’ve decided to keep my Red XP-E around 200ma tops

Maybe an 8-10ohm resistor would suit that output or have you a solution already?

Yeah I’m pwm’ing a 7135

:+1: :slight_smile:

You must have lots of workers on your custom build production line.


No, i had to take you off the list, it’s for your own good mate :laughing:

at least someone is looking out for me - thanks!

That’s awesome, I liked that you used high current switch and wires, true BLF spitit. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, the 200mAh cell is rated for 20C continuous so about 4A output.

First i hooked it up to a red XP-E with 22AWG wires, replacing the stock wires which are very thin.
The reading shot up to over 5A for a second before the LED popped.

Then i used it to power a Nanjg 105c supplying an XM-L emitter, it did so quite happily giving 3A then steadily dropping after 60s or so as expected with such a small cell.

Finally after charging again i connected it direct drive to an XM-L on a copper MCPCB on an aluminium heatsink, it gave a steady 4A, again gradually dropping in current and the lipo warming up slowly over the course of a minute.