Mini review - SanRenMu 6026LUI-SGI

Ordered on 2nd January arrived on 15th January from FastTech via PostSweden. Very fast. $9.25 -$8.06 knife, $1.19 shipping upgrade.

Blade material: 8Cr14MoV
Hardness: 58HRC
Frame Lock
Width 25 mm
Blade Length 53 mm
Close Length 75 mm
Open Length 128 mm
Product Weight 53 g
Blade Thickness 2 mm
All Torx screws are T6 size.

Cute little thing with the emphasis on small. Flipper or thumbstud opening it needs a bit of open/close and clean/lube to get it to flip freely.
Lovely shape recurve blade, very sharp. The whole knife is up to SanRenMu’s high standard of fit/finish. The framelock has no play in any direction and the scales though having not a lot of grip fit a solid three finger hold, a lanyard would help even more with the grip. It would make a perfect box/parcel/letter opener or any light duty. 550Paracord push cut with no problem, a very handy little knife.
Right hand side tip up or down carry, the position of the holes for the clip give a deeper carry in the tip down position than the tip up placing but only by about 6mm - 1/4”.


Edit…………………… I’ve just stripped the knife down and I’m a bit impressed bearing in mind that this is a small inexpensive knife both the T6 screws on one side unscrewed without drama as did the T6 pivot screw, the pivot screw is captive behind the pocket clip in it’s as supplied tip down carry. It is also D shaped, fitting a shaped hole in the liner. Very small screws but they felt like you could do them up and undo them all day without them stripping. So everything came apart as it should, the washers are brass and phosphor bronze on the lock side and black Nylatron and phosphor bronze on the other side.
All were lubricated with clean light oil, smelled like 3in1 if you know what that is. The only thing for me to do was wet/dry the liner and the metal washers to get them flat and smooth. If you didn’t want to strip it, the blade would ease off a bit with an adjustment on the pivot and a bit of opening and closing, nothing really wrong and everything in very good order - so why do I end up stripping most of the knives that I buy, because I like to correct any flaws, and there were no serious ones in this very well built and thought out knife.

It is good looking! but very small. I like flippers very much too!.
The handle is comfortable? It seems a bit strange.

I wouln’t like to use it all day making feather sticks but it isn’t bad at all, it forces a three finger grip and the jimping works quite well. For my intended use - 550 paracord cutting mostly and the odd package - I’ll probably choke up on it in a pinch grip across the pivot.

The best flipper that I’ve bought recently is the SanRenMu 7034LUC-PK, Here.

It flips out faster than most of my assisted openers. The detent is so strong that it hurts my finger though. I’ll get round to curing it one of these days.

It seems good yes. They must make it bigger and it could be an incredible knife.

Excellent knife, I will buy it soon!!!

Nice review Steve, thanks for taking the time.

Odd thng, Sweden post from FT has been real slow for me!

Soooooo what you making form Paracord? :slight_smile:

Mostly lanyards. I can do only 3-4 knots, Cobra/King Cobra/DNA, Square Sinnet/Round Sinnet, Snake knot?-the Chris Reeve lanyard.
I’m one of those people that if I even look at a hosepipe, length of wire, cord, rope, it will tie itself into a complete and utter mess that almost welds itself together. About 18 months ago I said to myself “right, you are going to learn to tie knots properly not just by accident so I ordered some 550 paracord and after I’d tied my thumbs together a few times and uttered the required swear words to a series of YouTube videos I sort of got the hang of it. I’ve ended up with lanyards on everything and regularly patrol the flat looking for things to drill holes in so I can attach a lanyard. I’ve run out of arm space for ”survival” bracelets.

At least it keeps my arthritic fingers moving and not seizing up.

Even if they have no lanyard holes the last stand off can usually be used, I’ve even used a very short length of 550 cord to go between the liners of a SanRenMu 710, or 7010 as they are now. Melted and flattened at one end through one liner through a pre-made lanyard and melted and flattened on the other side. Different anyway and in a way like Chris Reeve but a lot cheaper.

I’ve found that beads are ridiculously expensive so have limited myself to using them sparingly.
M6 Stainless steel, A2 or A4, make excellent beads for un-gutted cord and M5 for gutted. The washers fit as well.
The Tibetan silver beads sold for, I think it’s Pandora charm bracelets - £5 for 50 work well and fit un-gutted cord.
At the last count I had 3300ft of 550 paracord in about 30 different colours and camo. It all fits in a big green ex-Army bag in neat hanks and I’ve overcome the knotting as soon as I look at it syndrome!
I recently priced up some 1” stainless steel balls to practice making monkey fists, HOW MUCH!, no! A mate has scoured the charity shops and I now have nearly 20 golf balls, enough for me to be going on with, must make a jig for them soon.

I’ve still got a Sweden Post package from FastTech in transit along with a Singapore Post one. I’ve found FastTech to be fairly good but they can’t rush the postal services.
No problem about the review, insomnia can do that. :bigsmile:

Love that blade design ^

You’ve got the paracord bug real bad!

golf balls will make a big monkey fist. Old PC mouse balls are a good size. Marbles work well, steel ball bearings sometimes turn up on eBay cheap. Yes make a jig it helps get the knot more even.

I bought 2 Wilson Tactical monkey fists about 2 years ago, they are tied round 1” steel balls, it’s my key ring and balances my keys when placed over my arm to find a particular key. Always a good heft so I tend to know where my keys are. :slight_smile:

The blade on that Enlan M08 is great, ridiculous when you think it’s $7.58 from FastTech (sold out) that’s £4.61, I was going to order a couple more but they sold out. Very nice knife, the blade flies out if you thumb it right and it cuts very well being that shape.
Ionly bought it as a bit of a novelty because it has an Enlan logo on the handle, but when I started using it I saw how good it is. That and an Enlan EL-01D (the one in the first post) are my two go-to knives at the moment.

Can we remove the * useless thumbstud ? It doesn’t want to unscrew on mine. |(

Mole grips and enough force or secure the thumbstud in a vice and lean on it. :wink:
As a last resort, a hacksaw and a black Sharpie to hide the scratches.

Yes I will try in a vice and brute force but I’m not sure its a screw because its really hard. Its a great little knife but I never understand why they put ugly useless thumb-studs on flippers.

Sometimes they are press fitted into one another and you have to grip both sides.

I’ve no idea either, you get some people that don’t like a flipper and will grind it off - putting an after-market thumb-stud on in it’s place. Me I like flippers a lot, I must have weak thumbs because I do all I can to loosen up the pivot without getting blade play and sometimes even that doesn’t work.
The only one I’ve given up on and consigned to the sin bin is an Enlan L04GN the one with the green Pakkawood scales, neither thumb-stud nor flipper could I get to work, completely the wrong geometry for the amount of leverage you get with your thumb on the thumb-stud or finger on the flipper.