Mini review Ultrafire C8 XML-T6

My son ordered a C8 clone from TMart at this link:

Specs on listing:

Key Features LED flashlight, Flashlight torch
Light Color White
LED quantity 1pcs
LED bulb lifespan 100000 hours
Luminous flux 1200LM
Power by 1 x 18650 3.7V battery (not included)
5 Modes High-Mid-Low-Strobe-SOS
Maximum range 300 m
Material Aluminum alloy(Body), Lens(Glass)
Dimensions 6.22" x 1.77" x 0.98" (L x Head.Dia x Body.Dia)
Body color Black

An Ultrafire branded C8 arrived 6 calendar days from order date. Mechanical components were as described and shown, save what seems like a very optimistic lumen rating. It also does have mode memory.

I took a few shots of the disassembled light, but I don't have a hosting site set up for them. Since these have been probably reviewed extensively, I thought maybe some quick observations would be helpful.

1. Quality - threads were smooth, 1 o-ring at head & both ends of the main body, not lubed.

2. Disassembly - we didn't pull the drop-in, but it looks to be screwed in place. Driver board had no springs attached. However there was solder on the outside edges as if there had been an outer spring removed.

3. Flat head batteries would not make contact, a 1mm magnet allowed it to work. The TMart site had a battery/charger combo listed with this light (still there as I write this), however without a spring or magnet, these were not a good combo for this light. The charger works fine, though.

4. My son is considering soldering on a positive spring . . he had seen a video on a promo with one and thought one would be there. I went back and confirmed it was a Youtube video by someone else who recommended it.

5. Current draw at the tail was 0.95A on high with the freshly charged single cell at 4.16v. Mid was 0.36A and Low was 0.13A. Perhaps the magnet used is limiting the current . . TBD.

6. Performance - We tried out this 45mm 1 cell against my 54mm 2 cell. Ceiling bounce showed a somewhat brighter 1 cell hot spot at about 1/2 the size. The outer ring was also much smaller as I expected. With both lights being XML T6, should the hot spot be roughly the same size?

Beams at an indoor distance of about 50' showed basically the same pattern as on the ceiling.

Outside, the 45mm had slightly better throw, although it was much more concentrated. Trees at about 100 yards were much more widely lit by the bigger head, but the light intensity of the 45mm was still slightly better than the center of the 54mm. On a brush pile at about 2/3 of the way out, the 45 had brighter light, but didn't cover the whole pile, whereas the 54mm lit up the whole pile just fine.

Overall, seems like a good buy for <$19

I just got 3 more of these from TMart, all 3 Pull 3.25A from protected cells and a little over 4A from unprotected ones. I am absolutely THRILLED with them, I mean they a BRIGHT, over all almost as bright as my TR-3T6. I am afraid to run these at 4A though, 3.25 is safer, in my mind.

My first one, that i got 2 months ago only pulled 2.2A and I thought that was OK

BTW, all 3 did not operate straight out of the box

#1 Pill was not screwed in all the way

#2 Driver was not soldered onto the brass ring that is pressed into the pill

#3 There was some sort of insulating slug in the body of the flashlight.

All 3 have no spring soldered to the driver, but still operate without it. Maybe no spring makes a better contact? Without the spring it will not operate with a flat top cell

I’m really considering buying one of these, from T-mart. Are there any further opinions? I have yet to purchase an XM-L light! It’s about time!

Also I’ll need a few 18650’s — any suggestions?


I know this is an older thread, but I received the same light as in the OP from Tmart. I measured the amps with an AW 18650 and I am getting right around 3 amps on high at the tail cap. With Trustfire 3000 mah batteries also from Tmart I am getting about 2.4-2.5 amps. It is a good light if you can get it on sale. I picked mine up for ~$9 when it was on sale.

I bought a new driver thinking that it would increase the brightness as I wasn’t getting anything over 2.5 amps with the TF batteries. Then I just tried the AW a little bit ago and got 3 amps. So that was a some what pointless purchase.

It takes a 16 mm emitter which it comes with an XM-L T6 and it takes a 17 mm driver. The pill is NOT hollow and is aluminum. I had a problem with the tail switch when I first got it where it wouldn’t turn on or if it did it was really dim. I took the actual switch apart and put it back together and it started working perfectly. The reflector is aluminum. For what you get, I think it is a decent light.

I want to upgrade to an XM-L2 or something brighter. The threads seemed to be pretty smooth to me and they came lubed. The lens just sits in the bezel and there is no o-ring between the lens and the bezel. For some reason I thought it would have one. There is an o-ring around the base of the head that the bezel screws onto as well as o-rings on the pill and the end of the tube where the tail cap screws on. It also came with a wrist strap.

I have a Jacob A60 coming from DX eventually so I will see how this compares to it. I heard this was a great thrower, but when I got it I wasn’t that impressed to be honest. I guess I was expecting more as I had heard so many people say great things about the C8. I know there are other brands/versions with different emitters but I thought this one was supposed to be really bright.

I also have a UF WF-501B and 2 UF SK98 clones(one with an XM-L U3 and solid pill but was listed as a T6) and 2 UF SK68’s. Below are some pictures I took of the light and the pill/driver.