Check this thing out. I was checking the new releases on and happened to notice that it was available in warm white.

Programmable to 3 or 5 mode operation! HAIII (claimed?)

Does anyone have one of these? Looks like a good replacement for my YEZL Z1X.

I was just going to post about this, too. Seems like a good portable light for reasonable price.

I like it! Nice smooth understated lines. No ridiculous Klingon assault crown/weeny roaster. Would be nice to have a 3amp turbo mode to take advantage of the XM-Lā€™s higher power (even if only in short bursts)

It is a neutral white 4000-4200k, not WW.

I can't agree on either the portability of the light or the price. Its longer than a UF 501/502B and almost 50% more expensive than one of those with a handpicked drop-in inside it. I could add also that it is obviously less flexible than a P60 host.

Even better! I love neutral white lights! I really wish these manufacturers would start putting pocket clips on these lights, that's all they need to be perfect.

HA is like SF L2p which is $25 by itself and claimed IPX8, not 501/502 quality, far better heatsinking than any drop-in ($16 for 3 mode, not even NW). It's same length as 502, but no enlarged head size.

I have the light(SW1, T6 4C Warm tint).

You can see the black plastic insulation ring. It should have covered the solderings of the positive & negative
to prevent from electirc short. The OP reflector is just on the LED and the inner o-ring is bulging out from
the lens when tightening the head. Therefore LED is not centered to the reflector.

Kind of an odd two layer switch. Just put some tape around the reflector to center it.

They could have saved so much length without the double switch boots.

The metal tailcap switch is too tight to push and there is rubber bootcap inside.
Because of that method, the body length is too long and uncomfortable to use the switch.
I don't know why that kind of switching method is used.

The anodizing on the body is good and beam tint is quite good. it's not WW but NW.

I need to cut the bottom of the reflector a little because it press the rectangular part of the LED.

I've had it bookmarked for a while but was curious how hard it's driven and the Shadow lights aren't heavily tested yet. Although the TC6 seems to get praise for build quality. They just aren't driven that hard.

From the site: LD21 -- Current Regulation--support 2xCR123A

1.4A on Hi>700mA on Mid>100mA on Lo

I wonder if that "current regulation" means it actually uses a linear driver? 1.4A on high seems like plenty for a small light. My Z1X gets way too hot way too fast at 2.5A on high.

Do you notice any PWM on any of the modes? That would be a deal breaker for me.

For $6 more you can have an S-mini, which to me, being one inch shorter and of known quality, is a no-brainer.

(use CPFUSER code at SB to get a 6% discount from the $43 price) Plus if you are in the US, it will get to your door in about 4 days.

oops, but yeah, the S-Mini is not available in a WW or even a neutral white I think.

No strobe? No neutral white? It does appear to be better quality.

I know.. I guess I'm just looking for a pocket rocket that blasts on high just for short bursts. For my uses I can actually take advantage of over driven emitters without just being a show off light. But then I just barely know what I'm talking about. I'm still getting my feet wet

The YEZL Z1X from will pull almost 3.5amps at the tail cap with an IMR cell. It's freaking insane!