Mini USB Rechargeable Magntic Flashlight EC01 400 Lumen

Tank007 EC01 is a powerful mini USB rechargeable flashlight, it is powered by one 16340 battery and can throw light up to 400 lumen. This flashlight is good for outdoor activities like campint, hiking, riding, etc… In addition, thanks to the bright light, it is also a good self-defensive tool for girls who often go out or walk home alone. As a magnetic flashlight, it can be a good help when you need to repair your car or do something else.

Product page”

Well, please recheck info, pls

So, what’s wrong?

One thing I noticed is that it is not powered by one 18650 battery.

The specs say 16340… and from the pictures, it is obvious a 18650 does not fit inside the light body… and it shows a 16340 battery…
What’s wrong?

Cute little 16340 light.

Ooh, not cheap…

Thanks. It is right now.

Looks like a sweet RCR123 flashlight.
And has nice six group mode :+1:

To bad all the groups start in high.