Missing ... one green bunny

A few days ago, I received a gray Astrolux MF01 Mini from Banggood instead of the olive green one I’d ordered. This afternoon, the second Lumintop EDC18 I’d ordered from Banggood was delivered in the mail. Unlike my other EDC18, as you can see in the attached photos, this EDC18 has no illuminated green rabbit logo in its side switch. I don’t mean it fails to illuminate, I mean there’s no such logo in the side switch, just a solid black rubber button. I wasn’t even aware Lumintop made an EDC18 without the rabbit logo in its side switch. I don’t know if that’s the case or whether someone made a mistake during this flashlight’s manufacture.

I’m not sure why the two pictures aren’t displaying, but when I click on the image box it takes me to the photo on Imgur.

R.I.P bunny :frowning:

Baby on the way!

Probably it didn’t get etched/covered in the process. The button is clear and has a black coating. Mine at the edge has been rubbing off since I EDC it, looks like there is a green moon cresent next to the rabbit now in the dark. May be they can send you another one, but I’m not sure if that’s easily replaceable.

Open dispute, partial refund

They gotta pay for killing yr bunny :stuck_out_tongue:

I immediately opened a dispute. I’m still waiting for a response from Banggood for the dispute I opened several days ago regarding them sending me the wrong color Astrolux MF01 Mini. I sent them all the various photographs they asked for and haven’t heard a word back from them. Out of the three MF01 Minis I ordered (sand, gray, and olive green), the olive green one was the one I wanted most of all.

It makes you wondering if someone overthere is operating a black ops refurbished rejects shop.
Like: a switch is a switch is a switch. If it is good enough for me, it is good enough for the customers.

If they send you another, it replaces easily. Mine was crooked when I got it so I popped it out to straighten it up and put it right back in.

Please explain popped it out and popped it back in.

You can pull it out either with your fingers or with tweezers.The rubber button is only held in by the flange that is at the base of it.

Just to be ridiculously specific, the power button retaining ring is press fit and pops straight in and out - no threading or spinning involved like the front bezel?

I didn’t know that. I was able to just pull the rubber button cover out by squeezing it.

That was not a statement.

My entire post was a question. Does the ring pop in and out, or is it threaded?

OH, I’m sorry. I really don’t know, I haven’t tried to unscrew it but it LOOKS pressed in.

[M4D deal updated] Lumintop EDC18 $39.95 (FW3A in a classic body) - #461 by Chatika_vas_Paus Pictures with the driver removed and back side of button.

I didn’t know you can take out the button that easily, I was afraid I’d break it. Good to know, my bunny is also crooked.

Here is mine. Easy to swap out, but doesn’t give me much confidence in its waterproofing, haha.

Is there perhaps a mod for this, say metal or hard plastic button with a transparent ring, It would be super annoying if the bunny gets worn away. Anyone here with an EDC18 that’s been well used who could comment on how the button holds up to regular use?

I don’t know if the team who made it are aware of this and if nothing else, offer replacement standard buttons to purchase as they seem easy enough to replace.

Thoughts? (daft as it sounds having a shonky button would stop me from getting one, even though the rest of it looks to be ideal, shame as someone had the pretty cool idea of having the switch lighted in the first place in a fun and different way)

If you order from lumintop and email them they’ll throw in a few extra button for you. That’s how I got the bunny logo switches on my fw3a.