Mist favorite annoying thing to do with your flashlights.

What is everyone's favorite thing to do to be annoying or funny to people with your flashlights? This idea just came to me as I made shadow puppets do dastardly vile things to make my wife laugh while she was talking to her mother on the phone. Needless to say, she had to leave the room to stop from laughing! So have at it forum mates... watch got?

Bunny humor

I like to use the strobe on my M20s and blind my mean cat when he least expects it.

But just for a second, I do love him after all.

I like to strobe my coworkers in the face.

But now I carry a light without a strobe so I just blind them with the awesome power of the Spark.

Also, U MAD.

Ill promise to never strobe my mean cat ever again if makers stop putting them in lights!

What's wrong with strobe modes? I wish I could get a high quality light that used a linear driver on constant modes with an SOS and strobe mode at the end. Seven modes would be perfect. Maybe a triple click to get flashing modes on my Spark. But, the spark is everything I wanted in a light except for the strobe so I am dealing with it.

Ok, How about they make every model have two versions where you can have a strobe if you want it.

Maybe a hidden switch inside the tailcap where you could disable the strobe on a light would be a BIG plus for many buyers. I do like the idea of a strobe on my home defense shotgun, But the only strobe enabled light i have is my M20s and i want it by my side and not strapped to my gun. It may find its way there once i get enough lights im just looking for places to hang them from.

Oh yeah, You heard me right. Enough lights i have to look for places to hang them as i just have so many! Im not there yet, But its good to have goals.

And this is exactly one of the reasons why I started to buy flashlights. To strobe you back! Oh, and of someone is tailgate me bad or I get cut off instead of brake checking or tailgating I just strobe them. It's way more fun!

I give a flashlight to my friends 2 year old son and I say " don't shine it in daddy's face". Within 10 seconds he has found the strobe mode and points it at his dads face, lol.

I give my sister in laws 4 year old mine and we go about the house scaring things, mainly her miniature Eagle. He HATES flashlights.

Not eagle, I meant beagle. Stupid autocorrect.

i know it's annoying to everyone .when i read in bed ...ALOUD...!!!...

His face was quite as cadaverous as it had looked in the window, though in the grain of it there was that tinge of red which is sometimes to be observed in the skins of red-haired people. It belonged to a red-haired person—a youth of fifteen, as I take it now, but looking much older—whose hair was cropped as close as the closest stubble; who had hardly any eyebrows, and no eyelashes, and eyes of a red-brown, so unsheltered and unshaded, that I remember wondering how he went to sleep. He was high-shouldered and bony; dressed in decent black, with a white wisp of a neckcloth; buttoned up to the throat; and had a long, lank, skeleton hand, which particularly attracted my attention, as he stood at the pony's head, rubbing his chin with it, and looking up at us in the chaise...