MKNE 26650 IMR - i got 3800mAh

Sorry, could only estimate for the first cycle, coz i broke the connection accidentally at 3400mAh because i was trying to connect the DMM to the terminals via the magnets.

But added up it's about 3800mAh at 1A, IMAX B6 set to terminate at 2.6V. Terminating voltage on the Uni-T UT-58E was reading 2.82V under load.

So i guess not too extreme, the IMAX B6 is a genuine copy but has somewhat imprecise resistors inside. The funny thing is that, it terminates 4.18V for most cells that i charger. So pretty safe.

I had posted in the JM07 thread that I had gotten "around 4100 @3A". I still haven't learned to NOT post results from memory. After looking it up the other day I saw that one cell was in the low 3800mAh range and the other was 3900mAh (@ 3A). Again, I sold my MKNE cells so I can't do any further testing. My Batteryspace 26650s seem to be not holding up so well so I'm hoping the King Kongs will prove to be a beast for the long haul.

As you know, the difference between 2.8v and 2.6v is VERY minimal at 1A. Even in a cell this large its likely tens of mAh at most. Thanks for your results!

But still 3800mAh-3900mAh @ 3A is very good.

Absolutely. We’ll see how the King Kongs do as soon as I get them. I see there are Trustfires now, too. Too many 26650s, too little time(and money). :slight_smile:

thanks for doing and posting the stuff on these cells. I've been debating what to do for Craftsman C3 (19.3V) power tool batteries for quite awhile and it seems these are clearly the best option.

Factory replacements (nicad) run about $20 - harbor freight 18V nicad packs are often $10 but must be reconnected in an arrangement that will fit in the craftsman case. Testing the individual cells and rebuilding a pack is a PITA and not cost effective when you factor in time, and you still end up w/ a battery that's not much over 1ah

These should triple that - which will mean I won't often deep discharge - they'll probably give much more peak power, and they'll work better at low temps - a HUGE plus for me (ice fishing w/ hand auger converted for use w/ drill).

Only downside I see is recharging individually...but I'll probably make a balance charging connector for BCDX6...

thanks again

Wow dthrckt, you are going to use 5 in a row?

dangerous? if I go li-ion route at all I plan to rob the circuit from dead sears c3 li-ion packs - but maybe that wouldn't work?

I assume that's what is in their packs, 5 cells (but not 26650!). they actually make two different capacity packs...

haven't opened one yet...

You must be referring to their Lithium packs. Their Nicad packs contain 16 cells, I can confirm that. I am seriously considering rebuilding my worst pack with 5000 mah Tenergy sub-c NIMH. Expensive, but I have already made an investment in the C3 system with no going back and I can still use the old charger for recharging. The only reason I have not done so yet is the cost.

yup, my dad has the li ones. i've already busted open 4 of my nicad packs to eliminate bad cells. I really want better cold weather performance though. time to get a worn out li pack off ebay and see what is inside...

3825mAh 2nd cycle @ 1A down to 2.8V on the DMM (under load).