[MOD] Armytek Prime C2 magnet USB

This is how I modified the Prime. Member The Driver asked me about how I do it, but I didn't take pictures of my earlier processes so I explained to him the steps via PM. You can see his modification in TLF (or in BLF if he already posted here).

Yesterday I modified three more Primes for another interior colour testing lights (these are the 9th Prime modifications so far). This time the newer regular version without stainless steel bezel.

Perfect looks and form factor for any interior designer presentation tool

Heat evenly up 120C. More than this and the TIR will melt. I have no use for the original optics anyway, It casts one of the ugliest beam I've ever seen.

Thanks to DBCustom for the info about this baby Boa

Messy over applied thermal paste detected

Factory's best friend, BLF worst enemy - Red loctite

Critical tool! Invest your skill and time to forge a good quality puller like this. Start with a good base material such as true "hardened" screw driver or high quality tool steel. No water/oil quenching, only flame hardening at slow cooling rate followed by good tempering. File all the sharp edges to minimize damage to the bezel

Lightly punch the rivets down using straight 2,5mm steel rod with 30º tip to ease rivet removal. DON'T use drill, it will spin and destroy the MCPCB

Punched rivet (left) with raised edge, making removal so much easier without damaging the MCPCB

After prying all the lock edges, push the remaining down using blunt 2,5mm steel rod driver.

Too much thermal paste

This is a good technique from AT, unfortunately I couldn't rivet the MCPCB back unless I remove the potted driver first. After the mod, the MCPCB held down in place using common technique - pressed by the optic's base.

sm303, sm403, sm503 R9050 219Cs

These are not OEM TIR optics. I use generic faceted 15º MIC optics obtained from AE. But it looks like 20º to me. The beam produced is so much better and even than the OEM.

- Clemence

What a nice mod that you have down pat clemence. It sounds like you have lots of happy customers. :beer:

:slight_smile: thanks MRsDNF!
These are my idea so they don’t have to carry too many flashlights for their presentations. You can mix 3 (3000K, 4000K, and 5000K) colours to get 5 (extra 3500K and 4500K) colours. Very useful when working with hotel rooms.

- Clemence

Looks good!
I was able to do it with Clemence’s help.
I described my mod [here](http://www.taschenlampen-forum.de/threads/armytek-prime-c2-pro-v3-xp-l-mod-austausch-der-led.59507/(in) German).
The optic used by Armytek does indeed produce a somewhat ugly beam inside, but outside it’s actually very good in practise! Armytek advertises it with “no tunnel vision” and I agree with this. The beam is very different from standard reflector lights. There is a very wide dim spill (so you always see the ground when walking) and then a very bright mix of corona and spill. The small hotspot in the middle is not as pronouced compared to reflector lights, but still allows for a suprising amount of throw.

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For outdoor uses, it’s OK. But for my client’s application, it’s totally useless. He needs to ceiling bounce in front of his clients most of the time. Those Primes are used simply to decide which CCT the final lighting will be for any rooms he designed…

- Clemence

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- Clemence

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How did you remove the bezel on the Prime Pro?

Second that. How to remove the Prime pro bezel? Is there any tool for that?

Check the OP again. There’s a clear picture about how I did it

- Clemence

I meant Prime Pro


Ooops sorry. I sent some pictures to BobmcBob about the tool I made, via whatsapp I guess. Let me check it

- Clemence

Press it against the sole of a clean shoe and just turn it. This worked for me.

Check this:

- Clemence

I tried removing the bezel from my Prime with friction for several days before giving up and making the tool Clemence recommends, which worked perfectly. It’s a Prime C1 Pro magnet USB, and the bezel was cranked down very tight indeed. My bezel tool doesn’t look as pretty as Clemence’s, so go check out his photos :smiley: