Mod Astrolux MF02 XHP35 HI to have ramping UI?

Hi! I hope this is in the right forum. If not please tell me where it should go.

I need a thrower with over 600K Cd. I want a ramping interface so I can use the least amount of power needed. The Astrolux MF02 XHP35 HI meets my power requirements but it has the wrong interface.

Can any one mod this light to give me a ramping interface with thermal stepdown?


You can use Lexel buck driver with 4S configuration and Narsil firmware. Here is PCB board for MF02 [Sale] 7. batch DD 1S/2S Bistro HD OTSM/NarsilM/Anduril drivers 12-47.5mm size S2+, C8, H03, MT03, Q8 Clicky or E-switch