mod ebay ultrafire cree xml t6

Wanted to see if anybody had some links for beginner modding lol… i bought a ultrafire cree xml t6 …and isnt working… wanted to kno how to change led or driver?..

That one was my first personal LED flashlight purchase! Same seller too iirc. :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you using the batteries that came with it?

Yeah…i have another that works perfect…love it… but my newest one… dont work…at first the led would barely come on…now nothing… i switched batteries and clicker…n still nuttn

I would start by throwing those Ultrafire batteries away. The ones I was given were labeled protected and had no such circuitry. Along with that there’s significant risk using low quality batteries (__fire batteries), especially in series like this flashlight requires. They could vent(heat/fire) or explode.

Need to grab some quality protected cells. Panasonic NCR18650B 3400mAh protected batteries are highly recommended. You may need to trim the driver spring a little bit to properly fit these cell in the light.

Yea i plan on buyn better batteries soon… jus tryn to fig what the prob is… what is a good driver and led to put n this flashlight?

Here’s some trouble shooting info to help find the issue.

Unless you just want to straight up upgrade the LED and Driver.

In that case there’s a LOT of options, depends on what you want the light to do.

Yea thanks…havnt really did it before…looks like u jus have to solder a few wires… but yea i wouldnt mind it being brighter of course lol… thx for link

Would u know what size led i.need… 14…16…20mm?...

I would think it's either 16 or 20mm. Open up the front bezel and remove the lens and retaining ring. There'll be a disc that sits on top of the LED MCPCB which needs to be removed once that ring is unscrewed.

The whole pill inside will be unscrewable to assist in modifications.

If the PCB of the LED is a hexagon shape, it'll be 20mm, if it's rounded it's most likely 16mm.

These lights cant be driven too hard because of their really poor heatsinking. Believe me, I've tried.
2.0A max.

Thanks… ima try n see how it goes