MOD Help - I want to learn!

Hey mate welcome!

Any thing you need to know feel free to ask me.

What ever is wrong with your light now sounds like a connection issues? Is the tail cap fully tightened? Any dirt on the threads?

Depending on your objective you can mod the light you have now or buy a new light and start from scratch?

I am getting into ham radio i usually cruse the CB radio network but ham is more professional. Do you have any Chinese radios?

One easy and fun way to learn is to build up a new light from off the shelf parts. If you look at the Convoy M1 host description on the Mountain Electronics website everything you'll need is pretty clearly spelled out. Try it- it's really satisfying to take a pile of parts and turn it into a fully functional and truly useful custom light.

Welcome to BLF.
Here are the pics of the OP light
Ultrafire WF-1200L

Also found this pic online of the light kinda apart. I will say because of that spring on the back, its design may not be something to mod as a higher power 5 emitter build. It will be lacking in heat sinking ability.

Thank you for the reply!

I do have some Chinese, yes. I have a Wouxun dual band handheld. It was a nice radio while it worked - it went deaf though. I also have a Connect Systems CS750 (DMR), a Tytera MD-380 (also DMR) and a BK Radio KNG2-P400 (P25). If you have any DMR repeaters in your area the Connect Systems and the Tytera are decent radios that I personally enjoy using. I will prob never buy another Wouxun unless they come out with a new model that proves to be better than what they are making today. I have friends who have Baofeng and they seem to be well worth what they sell for, but are generally considered as “throw away” units. I also have an icom IC-7000 for my base HF rig. Looking to upgrade it soon to one of a couple software definded radios (SDR).

In reference to flashlights, I really think I want to buy something and mod it to start. And thanks for the tips on my broken light. I will take it down and see if I can see any issues. If not maybe I will ask for input on how to rebuild it bigger and better.

Thanks again for taking the time to respond.

Thank you for the topic information. I will go look at it for sure.

I’m shopping Mountain Eletronics sight right now. Looks like a good place to start. Perhaps I will put some stuff in my cart and then share it here for review and comment.

Thanks for sharing.

In fact, does anyone have the parts list of one or two of their favorite builds? Perhaps that would be a great way for me learn…

Let me know what you ordered/used on one of your favorite builds if you dont mind.

(3) Nichia NVSW319AT D440 5000K 70+ CRI LEDs on 20mm 3XP Copper Noctigon + Pre-Bridged (3) Nichia NVSW319AT D440 5000K 70+ CRI LEDs on 20mm 3XP Copper Noctigon + Pre-Bridged
Availability: 18 3XP-319AT-D440-JP

Convoy M1 Flashlight Host Convoy M1 Flashlight Host
Availability: 8 CONVYM1-HOST

10507 Carclo Lens - 3-UP Narrow Spot Optic 10507 Carclo Lens - 3-UP Narrow Spot Optic
Availability: 121 CARCLO-10507 if you lack a good charger

Thanks for the links. I may just order a few of each and build them. What driver do you recommend?

I just got a Nitecore D4 to replace an aging charger ive used for years.

Thanks again!

Whoops, I forgot to link the driver…
Astrolux S1/BLF A6 A17DD-L FET+1 2.8-4.35v 7/4 Modi Taschenlampe Treiber Sale - Banggood Deutschland-arrival notice-arrival notice?

Got it, thanks!

Are you sure you want a FET DD driver?
Hmmm… maybe you do for that 5 emitter light, because that could handle a LOT of power before it costs a lot of efficiency or LED death, that is, when you have the thermal path from Led board to flashlight body sorted out.

DD (direct drive) has no CC (constant current) regulation so there’s no current limiting done.
It would be better to have current limiting on each mode (no PWM)
Neven (member led4power) has a nice FET CC driver.
You could use the 12 Amperes version, which can be limited to 7 Amperes with a couple of clicks.
And then you can optimize the electrical path without risking LED death.
It comes with an NTC (super tiny SMD NTCs, a bit of a challenge maybe…) for thermal regulation (reducing the current when it gets hot).

DD may give you the highest output ‘the easy way’ perhaps, but only when the battery is fully charged.
Anyway, i’m not a fan of the DD concept. :slight_smile:

I will reach out and see about ordering one. Thanks!

“Better” in which way?
A Direct-Driver gives you the most “wow”-Factor and you also have some modes on the driver, so you mustn’t use the full power.
Also the tiny light will get hot after a few seconds :wink:

So I see that I need a little education on drivers. What are the different ones, I see “direct driver” and “constant current” are a couple of options… Any rules of thumb on chosing them?

Also, any pros/cons with led’s in series or parallel?

Thanks again.

This may explain a little. Direct drive (DD) means that the driver will give the led everything the battery has to offer without being regulated.

Very nice, thanks for the link - reading it now.

What are some of the better CC drivers that are commercially aviable? I want to order all of the components in the next day or so… looking forward to building my first light.


2S cells with 5P or 5S emitters? DD doesn't seem a solution unless 5P and he goes 1S cells.