Mod: L2M w/ XM-L (AA, 14500, CR123A, 16340)

L2M Mod capable of running on both common batteries and li-ion(AA, 14500, CR123A, 16340, anything that can fit).

Parts:Solarforce L2M(DX version/copy), Low voltage drop in, XM-L led, Orings, Solarforce B3 Tactical, Solarforce SS Lanyard Ring V2, rare earth Magnets

Used a low voltage 5 mode drop-in (0.8-4.2v)and replaced the R2 led with an XM-L T5. Then removed the Spring in the driver and shorten the spring in the tail switch. Place additional oring in the head to make it longer. Needs spacer/magnets to take CR123A/16340 batteries.

Happy with the results specially when using 14500.

Runtime on High: 14500 25min, AA 1hr and 15min.

Med: 14500 N/A, AA 3.5hrs

Low: Not tested

Well now that's just cool , man .

Thanks !

A very nice mod .. My L2i is set up the same , runs on a single AA - 14500 , 3xAAA , CR123 - 16340 with adapter - and 18650 . forgot - also single AAA

ATM I have 1 L2 set up for 2xAA , and another for 3xAA . Yeah got to like the LEGO lights

Very nice Lan, thanks for sharing this! I would like a 1xAA Solarforce P60 host very much. Should I look at the L2m or the L2i? And how would I mod it to work just with 1xAA? I don't use any other battery types besides 18650, if it could use 1xAA or 1x18650 it would be nice but not essential.