Mod question: Supfire M6 with SRK emitter board from DX

I have this: Supfire M6


this: Sky Ray 6x XML2

and I would like to change the emitter board and of course the reflectors from the SRK to the Supfire M6.
More output in the Supfire.

but the way they are wired looks totally different.

Is there a simple swap?

Or should I just move the Driver as well? I know that the DX SRK can be driven harder with only a few simple tweaks..
But don`t know if that`s the best way to do it.
I actually don`t want to order a board from oshpark without having all the components.

so what is the best way to go about?

Supfire M6 driver:
picture from RacerR86

and this is the DX driver:

Picture from dchomak

only 2 wires going from the DX driver to the leds... while the Supfire has 6 wires going there.

It sounds like the DX driver expects to drive the emitters in series, vs. the Supfire driver driving each of the 3 emitters separately, probably in parallel?


On the DX light there is probably a big mcpcb with two connection points. Emitters in parallel. Not series.

ChibiM, if you just want more output in the supfire why dont you just resistor mod it, or make a bridge over the resistors?

Just because I would like to have 6 XML2 emitters instead of 3XML ... :p

would it be a good idea to swap driver boards then? or is the DX board not really good in the long run?

ahhhh... I actually don`t like the 2 modes either...

so maybe I still have to get another board (I dont like to add a normal 17mm driver board somewhere in there, a little too complicated for me...)

The M6 driver have 6 wires coming off it. 2 for each emitter. So 3 sets of wires to 3 emitters.

If you want to connect 6 emitters to the 3 sets of wires, just wire 2 emitters in parellel to each set of wire.

Now looking at this one:

is that one working well with 6 emitters?

thanks RaceR86 for the suggestion, but that looks a little too complicated.. Im not a hard-core modder :(