[Mod]XHP35 HI, 86mm reflector, H2-C driver, & a recycled host.

It's been a little while since I done a decent mod, & I've been keen to get something together.

I had a spare XHP35 HI laying around that I robbed from my PK26 upgrade, & I wanted to suss out it's potential as a thrower.

The new H2-C driver from KD looked like a great option, & it hit the mailbox on Friday. Jensen567 had done a bit of tweaking with the driver, & it looks like a great performer, with good efficiency.

I decided to re-use a modded host that I've used a couple of times now, as it's perfect for this combo. It's an "L3", which was sold under the Solarstorm & Fandyfire brands a few years ago. It uses a 2S3P cell arrangement. I transformed it into a single-LED thrower a while ago, where it produced 814k of throw with an XPG2, & since then it has been host to an XHP 50 & XHP 70 as well.

Today, I started by changing the sense-resistors on the H2-C driver to a combined R030 value, which gave a ~2.3A maximum to the XHP35, when I bench-tested it with my UNI-T clamp meter.

I'd previously made a driver caddy, using the stripped L3 driver board, a couple of PC motherboard stand-offs & some copper scraps;

After a little prodding around, I found that grounding pin #1 of the MCU could be used for an E-switch.

With a few slices of heat-sink cube, the driver was sandwiched in place;

I re-used a 32mm Noctigon that had already been altered to fit the heat-sink;

I'd previously tested the ideal focus height with this reflector, which is about 0.030", & already had a centering ring & shims to suit.

Assembled light, with Convoy S2+ for size comparison;


* 2256 Lumens, using my "pipe-meter"

* 510k Throw (1428 meters).

Beamshots; looks like a furry friend wants to be in the spot-light tonight!

Cheers :beer: :)

WOW. What a beast. Love the mods you have done to this light to get it working. Well done. :+1:

That is a modd :+1:

Nice mod and result. Sort of like a mini TN42. I particularly like the heatsinking of the driver and figuring out how to use an e switch. So the e switch changes the modes just like tapping a clicky switch would?

If you don’t mind, I’m curious how the XHP70 performed in this reflector. Was the emitter sliced and could you give the throw number?

Very nice. Did you use an KD86 OP reflector with the xhp’s ? If so did it still have a donut ?

Nice build :+1:


I always wanted to use this reflector in the D01 but i was never able to find the right adapters.

Very nice mod FmC. I like how you were able to re-use so many parts.

Nice mods! Glad to see someone using my data for a real build too. Interesting discovery on the MCU pin 1 for changing modes, I will have to update my post with that info.

Yes, the E-switch mod scrolls through the modes, but if it's left in any mode for more than a half a second, it requires a double press to start the mode scrolling again. I really don't know what the pin function is that I'm beating on, but it seems to do the trick :)

I did use the OP version of this reflector with the XHP 50 & 70, but don't seem to have written down any performance numbers. The 70 was sliced, & was a nice light, but they were not driven to the max with a FET driver.

The OP reflector masked the older XHP donut hole fairly well - I think it was only noticeable on a wall in very low output.

Very good mod! Lots of clever and handy stuff for a great result. :slight_smile: