Modded Skyray King 4xXML2 question

Hi guys,i have modded Skyray King 4xXML2 flashlight with JB-A driver.Since I got it I am using it with KeepPower Protected 18650 3500mAh,my question is - will it benefit from Samsung 30Q high drain batteries?I got 2 button top of those might buy 2 more?

How many amps are you pulling now? 30Q are my go to cells for higher amp lights, they almost always draw more. But Keeppower are also good cells, does the protection trip at all when using the light?

I think the protection doesn’t trip when using it with Keeppower cells.I just wondered if the JB-A is direct driven(I am not sure) maybe 30Q’s will give more lumens?
I suppose the flashlight will also work with only 2 batteries inserted or it will need 4 of them?

In my SRK all batteries are in parallel, it also works with 1 battery. I assume that all SRKs and clones or derivatives are like that, but I don’t know. The JB-A driver is not something I know, sorry. But I am sure someone will have a clue, BLF is just too smart not to know it :slight_smile:

Yep I hope someone here sees it who is familiar with JB-A. I will try with 1 30q to see if It will be brighter