Modders: U2 on copper or U3?

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What about U3 on aluminum from Intl-Outdoor ?

Why not put a U3 on a copper pcb?

the U3 at FF is $7 shipped and the one at Intl-Outdoor is $8.50

What drive current ?

Is tint important ?

I’m a beginner at I’m seriously bad at that stuff. And I’m not going to buy the U3 at because their’s turn everything to GreeeeeeenWorld with that nasty-looking 2S tint

Try taking a look at OldLumen’s video on how to reflow an LED to a board. It really looks easy

It’s right here… Old-Lumens Thread

If any knows where to find copper PCBs chime in please. But not from somewhere expensive like LED-tech.


Not to mention what it would cost to ship the LED to you.

Maybe those.. or some member in the US just orders 100 copper PCBs from LED-tech and distributes them.

I also found these 18mm stars from DX. 10 pc 5 pc

But they are probably less thick than the LED-Tech ones. See post.

Copper U3… reflow

I have done around a doz. re-flows, provided the heat is right and you have the right stuff on hand (tweezers etc…) it is actually very easy, just did a de-domed XML yesterday with the soldering iron from a 16mm board to 20mm.

Unless you roll your own like some are suggesting, of the two options go copper. Assuming it’s got the thermal path to the copper, and it will be driven relatively hard, it likely will be brighter once heat kicks in.