Modding a BS Terminator?

I ordered a BST NW from FT but got a CW version with the stainless steel screws for the handle (Does this mean a u3 version?). I really like it but will likely mod it in the future and was wondering if anyone has done so yet? What is the stock driver like? Easy to mod?

The PWM on the low mode is pretty bad and I’ll likely want to replace the driver. Currently I may end up going with a master/slave route.

I mainly want to see what other people have done to get some ideas for drivers.

Things I don’t like:

- Glowing button/parasitic drain

- UI (can’t go on then off, have to cycle through the modes)


  • CW emitters

I have a U3 and yes the handle screws are stainless. I think on the U2 model they were dark colored. If I was going to mod mine I would go for XM-L2’s on octogons from international outdoors. Take your tint of choice. I really don’t have any idea what driver to pick though.

It will lock out the batteries

My current plans are 4x XML-2 t5 4000k 5C1 emitter. I’m really liking the tint/cri of this LED and it is only very slightly yellow which I don’t mind. Not quite as good as the nichia219 but only when compared side by side. I always thought the standard 3C 5000K can be a bit blue or green and the color rendering is quite poor. I’ll be using sinkpads since I still have some leftover from a previous purchase.

In terms of driver right now, I’m leaning towards a master/slave route and using a DrJones driver (lumodrv). However, the programming on it sounds a bit complicated and I’m not sure if I will like it as much as lupodrv. I’m still reading around to see if there is a good driver as I don’t need this lights UI to be anything too special.

I have been thinking of picking one up just so I could swap the emitters with XM-L2.
1 x 7C (90CRI)
1 x 5C (80CRI)
1 x 3C
1 x 1C or U2
I’ve been wanting to do something like this for a while.