Modding a vintage 2d light. I have no idea what I'm doing!

Ok, well, I have a LITTLE idea what I’m doing….

This link popped up in an older thread about modding maglites, so I’m thinking it might be just what I need.

My question is… With the stock 12v driver discarded, would it run directly off 2 alkaline D cells, or do I need a different driver of some sort? I’d prefer only one mode…

I suppose you could pick up a 3V boost driver from illumination supply or one of the Chinese vendors but at only .5A it will be pretty anemic compared to what you could do with a couple 3 x AA holders or some lithium cells. The LEDs are probably wired in series so you’re looking at needing 9-10V to get it working unless you rewire for parallel to get down to ~ 3.3V.

I’m figuring on running them parallel, like in this thread.

It’s the drivers I’m really confused about. How do you tell how many volts those bulbs should be getting?

They should get ~2.8-4.2v, that’s what the vast majority of emitters used in flashlights run at (the exception being the 6V MT-G2). Brightness is controlled by current, not by voltage. I have no idea what emitters that uses, didn’t look but I know for a fact they run at ~3v.