Modding flashlight to have remote battery pack?

Can anyone provide any links to step by step instructions on how to mod a flashlight to use a remote battery pack for longer run times?

I saw a thread with instructions over a year ago, and can't remember where I saw it (maybe mtbr, or cpf).

Thought someone here might be able to help.

I just got a great little torch from DX (sku#100159), unfortunately it only gets about 15 minutes with a single 16340 in it.

I'm interested in wiring it up to a 2 x 18650 pack. I already have one of these from ebay.

Just don't know how to wire it. Is it just as simple as going red to the inside of the torch (where the positive end of the battery would go), and black to the tailcap (where the negative end of the battery would go)? Or is there more to it then that?

Thanks in advance.

Sounds almost like a cannister dive light concept. Either than or a headlamp with separate battery pack.

If you are using 2 x 18650 (in series) you have now doubled the voltage so if the driver in the light you bought isn't set up for that you will have problems. Rather you will need to change the driver.

Otherwise it should be fairly straight forward as far as the wiring. I'm guessing a bike site might have been where you read the details.

If you drill through the tail cap where are you going to put the switch...on the battery pack?