Modding on a budget

Hey I’m back with a few more questions. Originally I wanted to build my own light but budget has constrained me from buying all the components and soldering equipment.
I really like the Jaxman E2L but don’t like the simple user interface. Ideally I’d like a very low / moonlight mode and a battery checker. I really like the BLF A6 with its reversible levels.
So now I am thinking of just buying the A6 driver and replacing the simple L/M/H driver on my E2Ls.

1. is this driver too powerful for the LEDs? Would it damage them in any way? (I have both the xpg2 and nichia version)

2. Without a soldering iron can I just cut the wires of the existing E2L, strip them a little and twist them together with the wires on the A6 driver?

Thanks for any input.

1. No.
2. No.

In order to accurately predict driving current through the leds with a driver in direct drive, math is your friend. Every component in your flashlight electrical circuit drops voltage proportionally to its resistance, using an amount of power equal to its dropped voltage times current through (producing light, heat, or whatever).

If you want to stay safe in a DD build, just avoid optimizing everything all at once and take current/heat measurements. Another good tip is to avoid using fully charged batteries if unsure.

With regards to (>ლ) 2, yes you can do that, you know you can do that but…

Soldering is a lot of fun! ಠ‿↼

Cheers ^:)

Yea you can twist the wires together but they should be soldered i think for extra strength?

If not use heat shrink to hold them together should work fine plus its an insulator. It will be a tight working space and you need a heat gun or lighter. Make sure you leave enough wire from the LEDs in case you make a mistake so cut the wires fairly close to the old driver.