Modding Sunwayman D20A


I have a really important question. Is this light mod friendly? It’s my nightlight I sleep with under my pillow. The red light is terrific but the cool white isn’t. I want to swap out the xpg2 to maybe a nichia or sst20. Not sure if this can power a sst20.

So yeah, warm white, not sure to go with a dedomed xpg2 for WW or for less throw with a nichia.

Thanks guys!

Since it has an XP-G2, you should go with an SST-20.

Same footprint, a bit more throw, easily available, much better color reproduction in 4000k and below CCTs, etc.

Nichia can be used too, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

I see. But, how do I open it up. I’m not an experienced modder. I usually send it to someone else to open it up and replace the board

I would first try screwing off the bezel, by pushing the light down on a strip of rubber or inner tyre then rotate.

If that does not work, I’d carefully blowtorch the top a bit (not in the lens opening), to soften eventual glue in the threads, then repeat the rotation on the strip of rubber.

I have good luck sofar with opening bezels of all kinds of lights, but have also ruined one or two lights.

Vinh did modding on the D20A back in 2014 so there must be ways.

Push the larger bezel against a rubber band or large rubber surface and unscrew it.
There will be a lens, o-ring, reflector, and centering ring to remove.
You will see 2 small phillips on the sides of the inner cavity to remove.
I don’t recall if there are any screws under the buttons. If the driver doesn’t come out then check there. (It’s been a while, sorry).
The whole assembly will come out of the tail end.
The actual modding can be done, I’ve done 2 and it was medium complexity level.

I tried opening the large bezel. I used tape and presses the bezel against it. The glass lens dropped out. I couldn’t figure how to remove the o-ring. It’s so tiny. I didn’t want to risk breaking it

I use a needle to get it started, work it between the ring and the threads.
Not the best light to start modding hobby with but doable.